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    Judith Hales

    I have been quiet so far as I am catching up because being a parent throws curve balls at you sometimes. I find often as I move forward with my business I have to step back. Life with teenagers is a different beast and wondering if I need to wait until they are gone. But then I hear they never really leave! It is a constant push and pull which requires amazing internal discussions.

    Anyway my why. I am in the business of helping, supporting and guiding people clear their acne in a holistic and functional way. My approach is more than just product base it encompass key elements of support, guidance, lifestyle and products and making people be accountable.

    My why is because I know there is no such support out there, teens and adults are left between over the counter products and Dr’s prescriptions. There is a huge gap in between of actions to be taken. I have the knowledge, the patience, the desire to help and understand how it can be detrimental to people who suffer from acne. It is overwhelming to find proper program that works and support at the same time. The cherry on top is when they are successful it is extremely rewarding.

    I struggle being confident about my skills, to tell the world I am good at…. I can fix that…. has been extremely difficult. The little voice in me keeps second guessing my skills because I do not have all the answers, clearing acne is not 100 pct guarantee, clients don’t stick to the plan, every case is different so because of that chance I am never confident in saying loudly… Hey I am here, I got it, let me fix that.

    My confidence is putting my message out loud is not there, any inputs? Help, ideas! I don’t want people to think I am cheating them

    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Judith,

    Thank you for your honesty! I’m here to tell you, you are not alone. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and most feel just like you. And if they present confidently on the surface, I guarantee they are overcompensating for how they truly feel, lol! There are never any guarantees about business. But if you truly believe in what you are doing, others will trust you. The results will speak for themselves and over time, your clients who have benefitted from those results will spread the word and help build your business. You just need to keep reminding yourself that clients buy results and outcomes.

    I hear you about the teenagers… I have 3 teenagers myself! I find this parenting stage more demanding than when my kids were little. Be kind to yourself. Your kids are the most important thing in your life and you’re very likely building this business to benefit your family. Be patient, focus on your priorities, and remember why you are doing this in the first place.


    Judith Hales

    Thank you Erin, that is very good advice. I wrote in bold Results and outcome to keep me focused. I just published my first newspaper article. I also sent the survey to people and it was so fun to learn about my clients or future clients.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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