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    Pete Howell

    In March 2020, I was traveling in the United States on business with my former employer. That week, the US President called a National Emergency because the health concerns with COVID19. We got home and the world changed overnight, which included me taking a huge pay cut in my salary being a single father to three kids. In the end, I was struggling financially and worried about my future and knew the business world was changing fast and will not go back to what it was in many ways. So after only working 2-3 days a week for months now, without an end in sight, I formed my own company in May 2020. Initially, I was going to build my business part-time on the days I was not working with my employer. I thought it was the right thing to so, so I told my employer that I started a company on the side and will be making money on my spare time to offset what they took away from me and everyone else in the company. Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t happy about me starting my own company, even though I didn’t do anything wrong let alone have any products or services to sell, it was just a name of a company.

    Long story short, they asked me to dissolve my new company that was only a few days old on paper, or my employment was going to be terminated most likely. I didn’t back down, and refused to dissolve my company, so, unexpectedly, we had to part ways and now I was unemployed for the first time in my life during one of the worst times to not have a job. I went from making almost $100,000 per year to collecting EI for the first time and struggled finding new work, especially with a one year non-compete clause from my old employer which a lawyer said could be enforced in Alberta. I felt stuck, depressed, I even started to self-medicate behind closed doors to deal with everything falling apart around me more and more because I didn’t know what to do next. It was lonely, stressful, and hard to get motivated most days again after losing so much in such a short period of time and feeling like a failure in my career and even as a father who was struggling to keep it all together financially and emotionally because I have no support networks and I didn’t want them to see me like this.

    However, fast forward to today in 2022, our company, MAV Industrial Solutions, now represents 6 different companies products and services that are some of the best within industry in North America. Things happen for a reason, and despite the ups and downs and still slowly building my company and client base, I will never work for another company as an employee, because I love doing what I do on my own terms. It allowed me to reflect and also adjust to the longer working days for less money at times, but it also reinvented myself. You do what you have to do to survive in business and make it work, I named my company after my son Maverick, which MAV is short and nickname, so I take it personal not to let him or my two other kids down. They are counting on me and some days, its heavy but you still keep moving forward to succeed. Someone once said to me, that as you get to the top or in this case, start your own business from nothing, it gets lonely and your views change about a lot of things, including social and family circles. I am okay with that, because seagulls flock together, while Eagles sore high above alone on their own…

    Never let anyone hold you back, even when they don’t want you to succeed, because people who I thought would supported me, turn their backs or changed instantly for some reason and now won’t even talk to me? Today, I use that as fuel and motivation to say to all the haters out there….”Go F@ck Yourself” and just watch me succeed without you!


    Pete Howell

    Erin Melnychuk

    Wow Pete… thank you so much for really reflecting on your inward journey. This is incredibly valuable learning to share with the group.

    It’s so true, that we can’t always understand why something is happening when we’re in the thick of it. Only in hindsight can we recognize that everything happens for a reason. It’s through hardship like this that you gain clarity (couldn’t it be easier somehow???). But you are laser focused and motivated now, which will ultimately be the reason for your success.

    It will be critical for you to find the right support networks, both personally and professionally. You can’t possibly do everything on your own. It’s isolating and exhausting. You’ve got 3 little ones who need you too. Tell me, how do you balance the whole picture of your life? Where do you find time for you? Who can you lean on?

    Because you’re already operating, your business model you are developing through this is your next version of your business. The model you design will be designed to accomplish your next goals. You might be at a stage where you need to consider how to bring others into the business, so you can focus on the right things, while letting others do the work which is time consuming and preventing you from leading the business. Did you create a job for yourself or are you building a business? They are two different mindsets and approaches.


    Judy Evans


    Thank you for sharing your journey of fortitude and self discovery. Sometimes our greatest gifts come when we are tightly backed into a corner.

    You are right, entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, until we find other entrepreneurs who become our new supporters and friends.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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