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    Dana Whitty

    My personal Why: I’ve worked in high stress jobs my whole life, but I’ve recently become unemployed It’s always been a dream of mine to run my own small business; one that is a happy environment. What makes people happier than ice cream!

    Business Why: My business why is one of opportunity. Currently there is no where to purchase Ice Cream in my home town. residents have to travel outside of town and wait in long line ups in the summer to get an ice cream.

    Customer Why: After speaking to a number of potential customers they agree that having a local option ( convenience) to purchase ice cream would benefit them and they would definitely choose to purchase local rather than drive out of town to get their ice cream.

    Erin Melnychuk

    I love how clear and concise this is! There is a direct line of sight between meeting your own goals and meeting a need in your community. Very good.

    This wasn’t part of the exercise, but I’m curious if you have a vision for your ice cream shop? Is it mostly to go? Is it a space you want people to stay and mingle in? Is it everyday ice cream? could it be high end gelato? Will you serve anything beyond ice cream? Etc. There’s so many ways you can build this, and because something like this doesn’t yet in your community, you have lots of room to get creative here!


    Dana Whitty

    It will be a mobile trailer, so mostly to go. I intend on staying mostly in one spot in town, but also attending larger events as well! The Menu will consist of everyday Ice Cream- hard ice cream , soft serve, slush, sundaes etc.

    Judy Evans


    What is the population of your home community and is there opportunity to draw people from the surrounding area as well as tourists?


    Dana Whitty

    The population in the last census ( 2016) was approx 5700. We also have thousands of people each summer come through North Sydney to go on the Marine Atlantic Ferries to travel to NFLD. We are confident that we will draw from those numbers as well if we are able to secure the location were have applied for!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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