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    Victoria Robbins


    My name is Victoria and I am in the Healing Arts, offering yoga, Ayurveda, sound healing, etc.

    I connected to my business idea because I was interested in helping myself from feeling like I was going crazyyy! That all evolved and with my latest training of Ayurveda, I can see how I can serve other while not depleting myself in a way that helps them know and deepen their own magic. I’m inspired to be a business owner to have the sovereignty to chart my own journey, to be the creatix of my life. I’m inspired to provide something to people from my heart, that will speak to their heart and my hope, for them to recognize their own power. My personal values align with this business as I value authenticity, awareness, bravery, humour, playfulness, complete self-acceptance, and deep inner wisdom – which is what I strive to cultivate in myself and provide the tools and rituals so others can enjoy also.

    So my WHY – to create a life for myself on my own terms, to connect with other women and be of service, to be in bliss!
    My business WHY – people are stressed… tired… disconnected from themselves and others… overwhelmed… the list unfortunately goes on. I feel ppl have a deep longing to know who they truly are, and to love themselves so completely. They are looking to ease their suffering. My business wants to work with the women who are ready for their transformation and transmutation. The shapeshifters and the witches. The wise women and the priestesses. Those that are waking up to their majesty. And want to chill the f out. haha!

    I do look forward to interviewing some people. Of course my friends and peers all think it’s amazing, which I’m super grateful for, but I would like get out and see what a stranger/customer’s WHY is.

    Thank you!

    Erin Melnychuk

    Victoria, this is incredible! I don’t even know you or know much about your business beyond what you’ve shared on the forum… but your passion and energy for your practice is magnetic and I’m drawn in already. Excellent.

    Judy Evans


    As I read your definition of why, I am reflecting on my life journey and my challenges with balance and wellness.

    Are you focused on women only as your customers and if so, do the men in this program feel/see that they have a need for your services?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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