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    Tracey Barlow

    Hello everyone! My name is Tracey Barlow and my husband and I are currently posted to Ottawa. I have almost 30 years service, first as a Finance Clerk in the Naval Reserves and then as a Logistics Officer in the Regular Force. I am currently on sick leave and transitioning out so I am looking forward to the next adventure! I am an avid crafter, specifically paper crafts (cards, bags/tags and 3d paper art projects). I am looking into turning this hobby into to a business. My goal is to provide both in home/out of home studio crafting sessions, participate in vendor fairs as well as working with MFRC, Children’s hospitals and retirement homes. Essentially, I want to provide a mental health break for people from the busyness of life.

    An interesting fact about myself is that I am a violinist. I haven’t done much with that talent in the last few years, but hoping to take it back up again as I retire, although I might be too busy with my new business!

    Judy Evans



    Arts and crafts can be so theraputic and healing. Have you considered adding to kits to your products?

    It was great to meet you during yesterday’s meet and greet.


    Lonnie Croal

    Welcome Tracey and thank you for your service. Right brain engagement is super important and capturing the creative side for a business is fab. In my practice learning journals, vision boarding, and affirmations are so important. And my learners love it. Sets them up for success as the curriculum gets rolling. Paper (and my pen) and fab…looking forward to hearing more.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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