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    Sheldon McGoldrick

    It’s funny, looking back to the days of highschool sitting in the guidance teacher’s office trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, I would never have thought farming and here I am today. Honestly, I never expected to have a career in the military but it’s just the way life went. Don’t get me wrong, not all my time in the military was misery, but a state of general satifaction from work day to work day was not there. I am grateful for the farm that the career has provided me with and it is time for me to move on to something that will keep a smile on my face until the end of my days.
    Why a farm? It’s something both my wife and I enjoy. We have owned horses for near twenty year now and my wife is a equine assisted learning instructor/trainer. I have already purchased the equipment needed to produce hay with 35 acres already producing. There is room to expand hay productions as we only need about half of the hay we produce. Expansion can also be done with other types of crop/harvest it would just be a matter of getting soil tested for what would be the best kind to grow. There are just so many possibilities and the idea of working in big open fields with interesting, beautiful and friendly animals just seems so peaceful.
    Why the customer? Before the days of being capable to produce our own hay we had to buy from farms. Our experience is once you find a good hay producer say with them. Hay quality is not only important to the person buying it so they don’t feel ripped off, but more importantly for the health of the animals that rely on it for it’s nutruitional value. Horses are very sensitive to hay quality. It’s sad to buy round bales of hay from a new farm just to learn a few days later the bale was moldy in the center because it wasnt properly dried or to find the horses were only albe to eat half because straw mixed in. Really the customer is the animal and if the person buying the hays sees a healthy and happy animal they will be happy.
    On a side note does this posting page thing have a spell check? Computers have made me a lazy speller. Thanks.

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