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    Good evening
    My name is Ryan Kleri from Cambridge Ontario

    I am currently working into the professional diving community
    undergoing total overhaul of the original business idea now that the last 2 years
    really forced me to change my perceptions of the industry in a positive way.

    we provide professional diving services that’s everything between public safety diving, ships husbandry, ROV operations,
    aquaculture inspections, marine surveys, search and recovery along with a long list of other specific odd jobs, logistic services for
    both private and government.

    An interesting fact, I would need to say its that I am a total maritime nerd especially when it comes to lake Erie history and shipwrecks

    Two questions would be 1. how to tell that I am taking advantage of all the weaknesses of the current industry, or if I have missed one.
    2. how to maximize the enjoyment of starting this adventure.

    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Ryan! Great to meet you. We’ve had other commercial divers participate in the program, we should see how we can get you connected to them so you can share learnings and maybe even find ways to collaborate.

    Judy Evans

    Hi Ryan and welcome.

    Great idea, Erin! I will go through our participant list and do an email introduction with the divers.

    Based on what you currently know about the industry, what strengths and weaknesses do you see? If you were going to conduct a couple of information interviews, who could share deep knowledge of the industry with you? In other words, the information exists with customers, suppliers, business owners, etc. Make a list of those that you already know and start asking the questions. One conversation will lead to the next and onward.



    Great to meet you, Ryan! Your work sounds very interesting, can’t wait to hear more about it.

    Eric McInnis

    Hey Ryan, great business idea. Were you a diver in the military, or is this a passion you developed after your service? I don’t have an answer to your first question, but for the second one I suppose I would say Enjoy the little things. Every little tidbit of knowledge you gain is another piece to your puzzle, the obstacles also are just as valuable, and I look forward to seeing your idea unfold.



    Thanks everyone I really appreciate the advice and networking

    I am going to try to give a brief picture of where I am at currently

    the strengths of the Ontario aquaculture is that they are so varied in size and scope,
    the weaknesses comes down to having the personal trying to do the work of (professional divers)

    I am aiming to exploit 3 gaps

    1. service & supply
    we provide inspection and service of all the main pumping solutions and air compressors
    2. providing high data reports
    water testing, underwater plant management, detailed hydro-graphics & Lidar mapping for a one stop shop for the company’s starting,
    expanding and looking to cut down on their own personal/ down time costs.
    3. covering the gov side we offer contracts to local municipality’s as well as local/ fire and police as well for liability diving,
    local tow company’s, bridge inspections ect

    I don’t have many headaches and have a good foothold, I am more of a ‘ I love what I do business second guy’ so this is to teach me the way of doing this properly.

    ultimately the goal is to be a certifying agency for standard across the aquaculture industry when it comes to rehabilitation & naturalization of used gravel pits & mines as long with having a better grip on the service and supply side and keep busy working with 5 other employees with local municipal works and surveys ect

    Judy Evans


    For clarification, will your 3 business service areas, have similar customers or will there be some unique customers in each service area? The reason that I ask, is based on marketing and operations. Is there one idea that is the low hanging fruit – best chance of success? If so, could that service area stand on it’s own? If so, consider completing a business model canvas for each service area.



    all 3 sides are different customer bases and very little to no cross over, ok thank you

    Judy Evans


    Thank you for clarifying. Based on the fact that each of the 3 sides of your business have different customer bases, I would suggest that you plan them initially as separate business models and then explore the integration into one business plan.



    Hi Ryan,

    That’s great that you’ve identified these gaps in service. I can’t wait to see your canvas.

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