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    I was inspired to start thanks to being a history nerd, I started diving up in Petawawa and found the old town bottle dump in the river.
    as part of my cool finds was a medical bottle from the first doctor in the Ottawa valley, old clay pipes, plates old shoes and other artifacts from the old logging camps on the river, since then I love to look for old spots to explore like the areas around the old aerodromes that were littered around lake Erie.

    my why my business is simple, I really do love exploring and doing uncomfortable jobs, I figure its a love and I am good at it might as well make some money as a byproduct.

    my business why is that there is a need for all the things I offer, police and fire just don’t have the funding to be “experts” they hold certificates yes, but only putting them to use twice a year makes the chances of them getting hurt higher, the funding for the townships that have water access to build or maintain a professional team is cost prohibitive,

    inland diving has a huge market that is growing rapidly with the government allowing old unused gravel pits and mines to be used for aquaculture the info need is there along with people loosing items,stuff that needs in water inspection and NDT its just a matter of expanding outside my local area

    my customers why is, its a need there is not one central location where 1 team can cover all of the local needs. demand is high and supply is extremely low.

    how you are connected to your business idea;
    its just an absolute obsession with diving, from fixing a pool one day to doing underwater photography its just an awesome day and you never know what tomorrow will toss at you.

    what inspires you to be a business owner and how your personal values align with the business;
    I like the freedom to do what I love to do, mix that with my personal values being honesty, respect and being able to work harder then everyone else.

    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Ryan, great work on this section. I’m curious to hear how your unique value proposition will emerge, as you’ve got real clarity on your WHY. All the ingredients are there, how might you pull it all together into one tight statement? ~Erin.

    Eric McInnis

    All excellent “why’s” Ryan. I bet the finds make it so exciting to want to dive right back, as well as the seemingly endless opportunities for growth you can see for your business.


    Hi Ryan, It sounds like you’ve got it all figured out. Best of luck to you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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