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    Richard McNish

    Your Name – Richard McNish
    Your location – Petawawa, ON
    Your service details – recently retired from CAF after 31yrs, 7mths and 25 days but who counted
    Your entrepreneur stage (new or existing business owner) – Existing business, been incorporated since 2019 and brick and mortar since Feb 2021
    Your business idea – Father and son owned Craft Brewery – Dog House Brewing Company
    An interesting fact about yourself – I have had 3 different trades, started in artillery, became RCAF technician then finished as a Special Operations Helicopter Pilot. Wife and 2 amazing children.
    Two burning questions you have for this course – nothing yet but I am sure time will develop some topics for discussion.

    Mark Nasmith

    Good to have another flyer on-board (though my seat is usually behind the pilot’s :).

    Leslie Blair

    Nice to meet you! Cyclone tech here! Love the name of your Brew Co!

    Judy Evans


    What lessons have you learned, so far, in your family business that you can share with us?

    Who is the boss, you or your son? And how have you defined your roles and responsibilities?


    Lonnie Croal

    Thank you for your service Richard,

    Fantastic diverse career that you had and a pilot too. I have always admired our pilots in the military and police. It is fantastic that the craft beer and liquor industry is taking off like it is. What a ride you must be having. Looking forward to learning and applying more.


    Richard McNish

    Hi everyone,
    Being in business with my son so far has been fairly easy on the business side. It was his idea to start the company and had been bugging me for some time to do it. It was only after my last tour to Iraq that we decided to finally move forward. While we were driving him to the Ottawa airport for his move to the UK on an OUTCAN posting for 3 years. During that time we had fairly defined roles and responsibilities, that was easy to define as the geographical locations only allowed him to handle certain things. Now that he is home, we share the decisions equally and at times will delegate sole decision to the other based on situation at the time.
    As for lessons I’d say that marketing and branding are the biggest things to focus on earlier than later, also contain your growth and know your limits and stay within them until you grow.

    Judy Evans


    Thank you for sharing your excellent lesson learned and experiences.

    Sometimes family businesses can turn into a nightmare and this typically happens when responsibilities are not clearly defined.

    As you have stated, containing growth is a key strategy. Many believe that growth is a good measure of business success, but without your key word ‘contain’, growth can be a run away train that over takes management abilities, resources, and the list goes on.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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