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    Kyle Domes

    The Canadian Legacy Project is an organization designed to assist the Canadian Military community, specifically Veterans in several ways to aid in their transition to civilian life and to assist those Veterans in need. Here are the main services they provide:

    Got Your Six
    Provides peer-to-peer support and camaraderie during the transition from military to civilian life. The program provides Veterans with therapeutic outdoor recreation through its application of fly fishing as a rehabilitation tool.

    Entrepreneurial Training
    The Veteran Business Bootcamp is a joint venture between the Canadian Legacy Project and Mount Royal University. The program provides entrepreneurial training to help veterans open the doors to small business ownership.

    University Bursaries
    Provides sponsorship for educational assistance through a bursary program to Members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, and their families.

    Help Canadians learn about their country’s military history and honour the service of its men and women through educational resources.

    Partners with Homes for Heros Foundation to address Veteran homelessness.

    Food Bank
    Offers Food Bank services to veterans in need.

    Equine Therapy
    Partners with TriUnity to help Canadian Armed Forces Veterans adjust to post-military life through the aid of equine therapy.

    Veteran Recognition
    The Canadian Legacy Project provides events to support and honour Veterans. Events in the past have featured concerts and comedy shows.

    Mobile Canteen
    Provides fast and nutritious meals to Veterans in need

    I have a picture in my office quoting the famed Physicist Richard Feynman. It lists his 3 step process for problem-solving.

    1: Write down the problem
    2: Think very hard
    3: Write down the answer

    This might seem like Dr. Feynman is making a joke, but it helps me. I tend to over think and try to fix or solve problems without giving much thought before taking action. This quote helps me to slow down and really think about the problem and possible solutions. The act of physically writing both the problem and the solution also provides clarity.

    I also have an “upside down” world map in my office. When depicting a 3-dimensional sphere on 2-dimensional paper, things get distorted. When the map is drawn with the South Pole at the top of the map, the world looks completely different. This reminds me to look at problems from different angles because we tend not always to see solutions if we always view the problem from the same lens.

    As for Customer relationships, I try to look at the “customers journey” from the first hearing of Tidybase right up to receiving their electronic invoices following service. Each step along the way is an opportunity to meet the customer’s needs but also an opportunity to lose them as future clients. I think businesses can knock each step of the customer’s journey out of the park, but one error can derail all the previous hard work and positive customer reactions. The best way I have found to tackle this is to be a customer oneself. Try objectively seeing the customer experience from the “other side” to evaluate and improve the experience for actual customers and clients.

    Erin Melnychuk

    Hello Kyle,

    These are fantastic reflections. I particularly love the note about the upside down map – seeing problems from different vantage points is precisely what allows for new perspectives, inviting in innovation. I’m going to borrow that one 🙂

    When people tell me they don’t know how to think like a business owner, I do exactly what you mentioned, I remind them that they are a customer. Remember your experiences as customer when making decisions and you’ll think like a business person. Being a business owner means being in tune with your customers.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Judy Evans

    Kyle and Erin,

    Beautifully stated!

    This strategy is applicable for all businesses and perfectly aligns with defining the businesses value proposition.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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