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    Joel Wood

    Hey everyone,

    This is an open invitation for discussion and I’m labeling it “Oscar India” for Open Invitation.

    I’m impressed with everyone’s military background and really appreciate being part of the CF community again as I’ve been a civi for some time now.

    If you missed my introduction-I have a small, DTC, online retail business called Green Bohème – . We sell eco-friendly and sustainable home goods throughout Canada and the United States. We buy our products from local artisans, Canadian manufactures and international suppliers. If you have the time and are interested and willing to provide feedback, I would very mush appreciate your thoughts on our website, products, Journal, social media, etc.

    I look forward to any feedback, critical, constructive or positive; and, I would be willing to look at any projects you have going on.
    – Joel

    Louise Leslie

    Hi Joel,
    I’m interested in how your business model works. What is the advantage of buying products from your company? Couldn’t we just go straight to the supplier and eliminate the middle man?

    Part 2 to my question has to do with building your relationship with your suppliers. What are some of the strategies/techniques you use to attract or bet buy in from your suppliers?

    Judy Evans


    Building on Louise’s questions, how did you decide what products to focus on? In other words, how did you determine the wants/needs of your customers?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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