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    Lewis Jenkins

    Your Name – Lewis Jenkins

    Your location – Kingston, Ontario

    Your service details – Reservist for 34 years working with the Cadet Instructor Cadre.

    Your entrepreneur stage (new or existing business owner) – existing however have not really put much into getting it off the ground.

    Your business idea – Provide Occupational Health and Safety training to small businesses that are federally regulated.

    An interesting fact about yourself – I am married and havextwo beautiful daughters aged 5 and 2.

    Two burning questions you have for this course – no burning questions as of yet.

    Leslie Blair

    Nice to meet you Lewis! 34 years of service, what an achievement!

    Kyle Domes


    nice to meet you, I’m just down the road in Belleville.


    Mark Nasmith

    I have a large number of Air Cadet friends from high-school, in the Ottawa area now. I love what cadets offers, and it got me here!

    Judy Evans


    When you say ‘federally regulated businesses’ what scope does this include? Can you give us some examples?

    Is there a difference in occupational health and safety for federally regulated businesses and those that are not? If so, in what way?

    Thanks so much for educating us.


    Lewis Jenkins

    Thanks for asking. Apart from federal government departments some businesses such as banks, telecommunications, rail, air and trucking that crosses provincial or federal borders are regulated by the Federal Government’s labour program at ESDC (formerly known as Labour Canada). Those that are not are regulated by provincial regulations. The federal labour program determines if a business is federally or provincially regulated. If federal the fall under the Canada Labour Code vs the provincial acts.

    Although labour laws and health and safety regulations are similar they are not always the same.

    I hope this helps. I am a retired Occupational Health and Safety Officer from ESDC’s Labour Program.


    Lonnie Croal

    Hi Lewis,

    Great to read your background and future opportunities. Thank you for your service and going through the sea cadet program years ago, I still hold my CIC officers in high regard.

    Lonnie from Calgary

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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