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    Nicole McConnell

    👋 Hi everyone!

    My name is Nicole and I live in beautiful Victoria, BC. I’ve been in the military for 24 years and am retiring this summer. I don’t have a concrete idea for an entrepreneurship, but am actively exploring ideas. Right now, I’m batting around the idea of building a consultancy firm, focusing on helping businesses address organizational and workplace performance issues. I’m hoping to pair with a friend of mine to really offer the full meal-deal for our clients–I love to dig into the analysis phase and discover the root causes of the problem, where she loves to work with the client to implement the solutions.

    My wholly other idea would be to build a kombucha business, which would also be amazing. But they’re two totally different directions! I’m really hoping that this course will help me to narrow down my ideas and get some focus.

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Erin Melnychuk

    Ooh, interesting! I hadn’t realized Kombucha was also up for consideration. There are some incredible local breweries in Victoria. It might be good to start having conversations with them. Sometimes, they allow for up and coming brewers to rent some of their capacity. This is a great and affordable way to get started, since you don’t need to buy your own brewing equipment first. And, it makes for great partnerships, where you can learn from them, maybe they’ll sell your kombucha as a nonalcoholic option in their taproom, you might be able to buy packaging together, etc.

    Judy Evans


    Erin and I are consultants, educators and facilitators of strategy development. A tool that I have shared with Matthew during our previous coaching sessions is the concept of a daisy flower. Draw a cirle for the centre of the flower and then draw some petals on the flower. Consider your strength in the middle and the petals are the business components. You could do this for each of your ideas and think of it as mind mapping.

    You want the petals to connect. For my business, the centre is ‘business development’ and the components of my business are – entrepreneur training, business coaching, strategic planning for business (and nonprofits), etc.

    This simple tool allows me to keep focused and to visualize the different segments of my business.

    Matthew, can you share how you use the daisy?


    Nicole McConnell


    That’s a great idea! I will definitely reach out to some of the local businesses.


    I love that idea! I will sit down tonight/tomorrow and give that a go. From the way that you describe the tool, it sounds like it will be useful to stay on track as well!

    Neil Burrell

    This daisy flower idea just helped my sort out some thinking – I’m a visual learner and that simple tool just made things easier for me! THANKS

    Judy Evans

    You are most welcome! Some simple visual tools can be so powerful.


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