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    Corey Phair

    A military back injury in 2013 led to chronic pain, depression, anxiety and an addiction to opiate pain medication after major back surgery. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. In 2018, I found my passion helping others who have had similar experiences. Nothing feels better than giving back and serving my community!

    My values include integrity, hard work, communication, teamwork, empathy, honesty, accountability, loyalty and more. I get to use all of these in my business.

    Many things inspire me to be a business owner. I like making my own hours. Being in control %100 is good. Being responsible for my success of failure really appeals to me. Not having to deal with work place politics or drama is really nice!!!!! Answering to no one and being my own boss is great. Overcoming fears and failures is very empowering!

    Erin Melnychuk

    This is an excellent example of connecting your own WHY to your customers’ WHY. Your lived experience makes you relatable, inspirational, and credible for those ready to commit to a similar journey to wellbeing. Well done.

    Robert Wuskynyk

    This is refreshing to hear. I believe we all have so many things in common as a Veteran Business Community.

    My WHY revolves around my belief to preserve our community heritage, culture, and values. My purpose is to train persons about the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of ranch life. I believe my business is a drug free / medicated free / digital free process of stress reduction, anxiety control, and goal setting. This is important because it provides persons with validation that being on the land, with the animals, is a clear path to natural freedom.

    I also feel that many of our WHYs are complementary to each other…perhaps in the future we will be able to work together on some amazing projects!

    Louise Leslie

    My daughter coined my business perfectly – it’s my passion project! That statement clicked right away.

    Things I’m good at are mostly things I like to do and therefore things I do in my business. My passion is to a) educate people about earth science; and b) create an experience/environment where they will learn without even knowing they are learning.

    My classroom resource is primarily the pebbles on the beach – a no-brainer but surprisingly it took me two years to figure this out! I’m always meeting people on the beach curious about the pebbles they have found and then we usually get into a conversation about their private rock collection. When I pick up a pebble it tells me so many things – that’s the knowledge I want to impart on anyone with a curiosity; and hopefully this little bit of knowledge will grow into an interest about our planet – in particular the geosphere – which provides all the nutrients and probably most of the materials we depend on to live. Where do you think our soil comes from? What is the source of the nutrients that feed organisms in our oceans? Without Earth’s resources what would we have? This is just a small sampling of questions that evolve around our dependence on the geosphere.

    I’m the nerd that thinks about rocks all the time,… ok, most of the time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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