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    Kyle Domes


    I have this large whiteboard in my office that I have always had great plans for, and yet I never seem to put it to much use. That may have changed, as it is now my full-size Business Model Canvas! With the help of some sharpies, tape, coloured post-it notes, and some small stickers, I have a dynamic visual model to work from.

    I first divided up the 9 sections and labelled them. I decided to use 3 colours of post-it notes. Green represents what is in place now, yellow represents points I am currently working on, and blue are points I would like to work on/implement but haven’t started yet. I also added 2 jewelled square coloured jewel stickers, which represent which item is business to business and which is business to consumer. I added 3 additional stickers to represent Tidybase “Outdoor” in green, Tidybase “Indoor” in blue, and Tidybase “Turnover” in pink.

    My revenue streams are a good example of how my canvas looks. There are 12 Post-it notes in this section. I’ll list them by colour.

    Green (In place):
    Residential Cleaning (One time)
    Residential Move In/Out Cleaning (One-time)
    Residential Cleaning (Subscription)

    Yellow (Currently working on):
    Residential Pet Waste Removal (One time/Spring Clean)
    Residential Pet Waste Removal (Subscription)
    Commercial/Apartment/Hoa Pet Waste Removal (Subscription)
    Airbnb/VRBO Cleaning/Turnover (Subscription)

    Blue (Future revenue stream):
    Carpet cleaning (One-time)
    Gutter Clean/Pressure Wash/Roof & House Wash (One-time)
    Exterior Window Washing (One-time)
    Xmas Light Installation/removal (One-time)
    Airbnb/VRBO Co-Hosting/account management (Subscription)

    The next block I filled was the Customer Segments:

    Green (In place)
    Single Family Home Residents (Business to Consumer)

    Yellow (Working on)
    Apartment/Condo/HOA Management (Business to Business)
    Airbnb/VRBO Hosts (Business to Business)
    Real Estate Agents (Business to Business)
    Blue (Future)
    Local Small Businesses


    Green (In place)
    Google My Business Page

    Yellow (Working on):
    Revenue Stream-Specific Landing Pages
    Social Media
    Local Groups/Forums (Community Engagement)

    Customer Relationships are an area which needs work.

    Green (In place)
    TidybasevClient Hub/App

    Yellow (Working on)
    Social Media Engagement

    Blue (Future plan)
    Loyalty Program

    The big Kahuna in the Business Model Canvas appears to be the Value Proposition. I need to really lock this down moving forward.

    Green (In place)
    Service – Easy and convenient booking website and app with associated Tidybase Client Hub. Staff to answer calls and provide assistance. Simple booking/scheduling service, easy payment processing and transparent invoicing.

    Yellow (Working on)
    Delivery – Always on time with exceptional communication. Clean, professional and courteous interactions
    Quality – Overdeliver when possible, Highest level of service at the price point.

    I have filled in the other sections, but they are weaker, and I need to do some more thinking/learning on the Key activities, resources, and partnerships.


    Erin Melnychuk

    I love this so much! I hope you will always maintain this board. Businesses are always in a constant state of evolution. Where am I now, where am I trying to get to, how will I get there? This is why I love the canvas so much! A business plan, while super useful in communicating the details of your business to outside audiences, is not an effective real time planning tool.

    For the areas which still need work, get the basics on the board now. Start developing “stories”. If you split the canvas down the middle, what story emerges when you connect the dots between the boxes on the right hand side? What happens when you do the same on the left hand side? What questions emerge from those stories? This could be an interesting way to challenge yourself to sink in deeper into those boxes.

    For the value proposition, perhaps it might be useful to start conducting some discovery interviews with other people? When you let them in on the story of your business, their insights might help shape an interesting value proposition. This is a way to begin ‘validating’ your business model with others.

    You’re doing great, this post gets me excited.

    Mark Nasmith

    Quite impressive.

    Judy Evans


    Going forward, what do you envision using your white board for?


    Kyle Domes


    I think I will keep the Business Model Canvas on my whiteboard. Post-it notes allow me to look at the whole business, including in-place pieces and future objectives. I have been reading more about the concept from the Strategyzer page, and I would like to really commit to constantly reviewing my current canvas and adapting or modifying it as needed. I find a lot of the pieces of my business are digital by design, and the large BMC on my whiteboard is a visual representation, which I find very useful.

    My main challenge is still taking each item and going through all the required steps to completion, and then moving on to the next one. I struggle with time estimation, where I overestimate how much I can accomplish in a day. I am really good at mapping out what needs to be done and the pieces needed to accomplish the project. But the organization and structured work required to complete them is my biggest weakness.


    Kyle Domes


    Your points are heard loud and clear! I really want to commit to utilizing the Business Model Canvas. I see how advantageous a visual representation of all key areas of my business can be displayed right in front of me in one place. I also love how dynamic the board can be. A post-it note can just be replaced with something better or improved.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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