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    Glen Morrison

    Hello everyone

    I have narrowed my business model with the assistance of the workbook and manual – at first I knew what my “why” was however, I could not really rationalize or understand how I could achieve it. I have narrowed my focus to teaching to sharing my background in security and security related topics. I have developed a name for my company and created a domain and an utilizing google workspace as my development area.

    My concept will be to be provide instructor led (me) training through a newly created teaching platform that is being developed by ex-google employees. I am developing a catalogue of subjects which will be introductory to advanced levels and can develop into 1 on 1 sessions as well.

    It is my vision to see this as an online environment with a Learning management system (LMS) where students can sign up and take online courses and a certificate will be produced. The level of training will be detailed and sufficient enough where members of ASIS can earn CPE points towards their designation for continuing development.

    I see my day to day operations will be phased:

    phase 1 – development – to include webpage and domain development, course ware development and seeking out the most appropriate LMS – marketing and networking. beta testing the course ware with friends and colleagues. Develop course schedule.
    phase 2 – implementation – going live for instructor led training – by me – continue to develop LMS. seek feedback and continue to refine teaching points to match the customers “why”
    phase 2 – implement and go live with the LMS – continue instructor led training and possible develop an instructor cadre of like minded individuals.

    so any leads on LMS from the group are appreciated 🙂


    Chris Ayotte

    Hey, Glen.

    I may be able to connect you with one or two people who might have some insight into what you are looking to achieve.

    We can connect through LinkedIn if you like.


    Ryan Flavelle

    Hey Glen, I came across this today and it might be useful re: LMS


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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