Module 1: My Business Why

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    Ryan Flavelle

    HEllo all, this is a bit of a late reply but I have spent the last two weeks trying to wrap my head around what I want my business to do, and more importantly why. I have decided to focus initially on attempting to partner with a Quebec company with a proven track record to grown hydroponic strawberries that are season neutral in a controlled greenhouse environment. I also want to explore the idea of selling home built hydroponic gardens (which I have successfully constructed on a hobby basis) either online or in a storefront location. But I think I will focus my proposal in on strawberries as they have a number of advantages (always a demand, competitors product is of relatively low quality and not fresh often).

    This is what I’ve come up with:

    1. Why do you do what you do? What is your business’s purpose? What is your belief about your business? Why is this important or needed?
    I want my family to eat good food that I grow and harvest myself. I believe that this is the way that we should interact with the world, and the most important thing that someone can do for those they love is provide for them. My belief is that the strawberries one buys at the store, especially in winter, do not taste as good as they should. I believe that ground farming strawberries in California is an inherently inefficient way to do it. I want to change the market for the better by proving the viability of hydroponic greenhouse growing that has proven successful in areas like Montreal.
    2. How do you go about delivering value to your customers? How do you go about achieving the WHY of your business?
    I would need to spend at least one months researching and seeking out contacts and partners after I have a draft of a business plan. I would need to speak to those who have created similar businesses and succeeded, look for potential employees from Olds college or other agriculture programs around the province. Speak to my friend Laurie who had a growing business selling tea and lunch in Sylvan Lake before being shuttered by covid.
    If I can find those who share the same vision, to provide a high quality and delicious product to market, then I can develop a team that can make this dream into a reality.

    3. What is it specifically that you offer that delivers the why and the how of your business? What are the features and benefits?
    Were I to open a combination restaurant, fresh produce stand, greenhouse, I would be delivering food that is as fresh as possible, healthy and delicious. Ideally this business would then be positioned to expand and, after the early adopters have proven market potential on a small scale, move into the larger markets of Calgary, and Edmonton, or sell to grocery stores who are always interested in finding high quality local produce.
    Exploring your Customers’ WHY

    1. What is the purpose of your business?
    To provide the best tasting strawberry available, grown locally, and at a competitive price point.

    2. What are the values associated with that purpose?
    Green agriculture, locavorism, sustainable growing techniques, benefits of healthy eating.

    1. How does your business bring those values to life?
    By providing a first class finished product, and inviting the customer to view the process and growing techniques from outside the greenhouse windows.

    2. Why do your customers care about those values?
    My customers are increasingly concerned with food and climate security. Even if they would not tend to put their fears into those words, there is magic in seeing something growing in front of you, and it fits with the growing demographic who wants to know where their food is coming from and provide for themselves.

    Judy Evans


    Have you connected with Alberta Agriculture to learn about their supports for food producers in Alberta?

    One of the challenges with strawberries is their short shelf life compared to many other fruits.

    If you could add one more product to your list, what would be compatable with strawberries?


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