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    Chris Ayotte

    Good day, Bootcamp.

    Coming into this training, I was unsure how I could merge coaching/mentoring with advising on risk / solving complex problems. Additionally, I had no idea what the demand of the market was, especially in the strategic consulting portion. Clearly, if there is no demand in the market then there is no customer problem that needs to be solved. The few discovery interviews I have managed to conduct this week have helped refine the customer problem that needs solving and how I can potentially merge the two components of the business.

    There is lot of coaching for executives in the market which tells me there is a customer problem; a steady demand signal is a good thing. What I need to define is what is my unique value proposition in the market so that I can separate myself from the other companies. It was highlighted to me during my discovery interviews that my background is unique and this is what I need to leverage to be a different kind of coach for executives. The primary focus would be on c-suite types or those with the ambition to be part of the executive cadre. I could also provide coaching and mentoring for teams, but my part of the market is really with the former group.

    I think selling for me is primarily number of clients and coaching sessions, but also referrals and inquiries about coaching are important metrics. Since the business is centred on me then I need to figure out how to sell myself. This is not within my comfort zone, so this will be a challenge The marketing exercise with be a good first step. The marketing exercise will help confirm the best channels to access my clients. The channels I am thinking about in the initial stages are word of mouth, social media, professional networks, and personal selling. Regardless of the channel, building trust is essential for coaching and mentoring and this needs to be essential to the brand.

    Thanks to Judy and Erin for the feedback and advice. Lots of great learning as I go through the modules.


    Judy Evans


    As I read your post, I am reflecting on my own business. I divide my business into 3 pillars – community, business and education. I manage community development projects, I coach and mentor business owners and nonprofit leadership and I education students on business management, entrepreneurship and nonprofit management. My clients are connected at least 2 of the pillars of my business, i.e. a student will become a coaching client or a coaching client will become a student.

    I am always looking for ways to connect a client to the other services, rather like a department store.

    What pillars could your business offer?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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