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    Mark Nasmith

    Hi. Mark Nasmith, in the process of medical release for service injury, expected just after my 31 yr mark with the RCAF. We’ve (Stephanie, Sophie 16, and Jack 14) lived in Kanata for 10 years, and really like the area.

    Service details? Well, it’s a long MPRR, but did basic and military college 92-96, and soonafter began as a Sea King Tactical Officer and did a couple of ops there. I flew on Sea Kings and Alpha Jets (Electronic Warfare) for 17 yrs, ending up firmly in the EW world for my time in Ottawa. Wore a flight-suit for 24 years, so I’m not a shirt-and-tie kind of guy.

    As I was recently sidelined, I took an Algonquin course on emergency management (EM), found my skills considerably aligned, and the work quite enjoyable. The past 4 months was full of effort on beginning a small business. I look forward to this course to top-up and formalize my own knowledge. My idea is to offer EM, tailored to small business. Large businesses can afford expensive EM help, and there is lots of it. Small businesses cannot. I’m hoping my military background is a unique value proposition.

    Something interesting? I facilitate a weekly addictions-recovery meeting for CF members and veterans.

    Q1) What do other small business owners want to hear in my brief, introductory meet/pitch?
    Q2) While I anticipate a lot of personal visits/drop-ins to advertise my services, how may I more efficiently get my pitch out to small business owners?

    Finally, I hope that what we do here will enable networking and comradery that will assist eachother in the future.


    Leslie Blair

    Nice to meet you, Mark! Cyclone tech here, recently posted to Ottawa after 15 years on the maintenance floor. The transition to the NCR has been eye-opening to say the least. Gotta love the Hybrid work though. Looking forward to working with and learning from you! Cheers, LKB

    Judy Evans


    On our call tonight, I mentioned CERT. Here is a link –

    Are there particular emergencies that you want to focus on?


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    Lonnie Croal

    Great meeting you Mark,

    And another pilot in our cohort. Thank you for your service. EM is a very interesting emerging profession. I am appreciating the research that emerging and response models coming from EM practice. I’m interested in hearing more.

    Thank you,

    Mark Nasmith

    Not a pilot. Air Combat Systems Officer: I’m like Goose, my work was in back seat of the jet 😉

    However, more RCAF in any group makes it smarter and more witty, so win-win!


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