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    Kevin Wade

    Hello my name is Kevin Wade and I live in Victoria, BC. I am still serving in the reserves as a medical officer.

    In my civilian job I am a palliative care physician. I used to be a family doctor as well, and still mainly see elderly patients with high care needs. Many of these people would like to be at home, but do not have the ability to plan for their own care, either in the short term or long term. Their families often struggle to help them cope with the day-to-day care needs and activities of daily living that allow them to remain at home. So, they get put into long term care, or hospital, or hospice, when many would prefer to be at home.

    At the same time, the companies and government agencies that provide home care lack the flexibility needed to provide useful care for people. They are often locked into a contract providing a certain number of “hours” for patients, without any way for the patient to control how useful those hours are. Their staff are burnt out, leaving in droves, and lack the autonomy to make any changes in the system.

    My business goal is to build a platform and interface to allow patients and families to determine their needs, and then link directly to care providers (Personal Support Workers aka Health Care Aides, Allied Health Staff, and Nurses) to provide that care in their home. We’d aim to cut out the middleman of a large, traditional, and inflexible home care company in favour of dynamic staffing where the relationship is directly between the patient and their care provider.

    The biggest questions I’m hoping to answer in this program are:
    1. How do I “take the leap” from my current comfort level and actually carve out time to make the business a reality? I work long hours and have a young family, so I’ve struggled to find time even to develop a detailed business plan.
    2. How do I hire employees/contractors, especially technical ones? I have some programming experience but nothing near enough to make this.
    3. How do I raise capital to pay those employees/contractors?


    Eric McInnis

    That sounds amazing Kevin. We all know how important proper health care is, and it sounds like you have a wonderful idea to innovate this industry. I’m excited to see this unfold, keep up the good work!

    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m really excited about your business idea and can see why you would perceive such a need.

    Your idea resembles a movement we’re seeing in tech. I’ve been noticing concepts like booking virtual assistants (virtual gurus), lawyers (good lawyer), and there are certainly local apps for home care, child care, etc.

    One suggestion I have is to find and connect with your tech ecosystem in Victoria. In Calgary, we have incubators and accelerators for tech. These are good spaces to find developers who would be willing to work with you to bring this to life.

    I’m going to reach out to a friend of mine who lives in Victoria and see if he can make any recommendations on groups to get connected with.

    Kevin Wade

    Thanks Erin, that’s a good idea. I did get connected to a friend of a friend who runs a health tech business in Kelowna (where I used to live) who kindly shared his business plan and encouragement, but the onus is now on me to move on from 0 to 1 in developing the concept into a business plan and timeframe.

    A tech incubator is a great idea. I’ll look to see what is available in Victoria. Let me know if your friend gets back to you.



    Hi Kevin,

    I currently work in healthcare myself and what you’ve described as people leaving in droves is happening at my hospital as well and it’s only the patients that are affected. I think what you trying to accomplish is amazing and I’m excited for you and to see it unfold.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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