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    Jeremy Adams

    I love the quote “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”. Right now this is where I feel I am. I can see the potential in my idea and business, but the platform to get there which is customers is not there yet. I really struggled with the interview aspect as my focus right now is friends and family to make the initial push on my product. We are on all major platforms and those who have our product are wearing it proud and getting lots of questions about them, however not as many bites on the hook. I think it will come in time but I can be impatient.

    In this day and age you need to be good with words and have the ability to network on social media. Our focus from this point right now is creating and active and engaging social media platform while showcasing other businesses that are tied to use in some sort of aspect. With our name Sunrise Trail Apparel, we have linked in with Seafoam Campground which is on the Sunrise Trail in NS by allowing us to use some of their photos which then tie into our brand’ however we are only reaching about 600 people per post. We have only been active for a month so maybe my expectations are higher than they should be.

    One thing were are trying right now is taking a hit from a profit aspect by giving away 5 sweaters. You may ask why would we give away these shirts. Well the reason is the people we are giving them to have tons of followers. Premier Tim Houston (Premier of NS) lives down the road from my dad, Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser (High School Friend), Peter MacKay (Former high profiled Member of Parliment) and finally we have an in with a friend whose cottage is next door to the Gov General of Canada her Excellency Mary Simon in NS. Maybe these will help.

    Here is to my fingers being crossed.

    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Jeremy, Here’s an alternative perspective… it’s not giving away profit, it’s an investment in your marketing. I think it’s a brilliant way to go. I’ll also (respectfully) challenge your comfort of focusing on friends and family. Your business will not be sustainable with just them as your informants and customer base. You need to learn from a broader customer pool, about what they like/dislike, or your products may not resonate outside of people who already feel loyal to you. It’s uncomfortable to engage with people outside of your immediate network, but it is also essential. ~Erin.

    Jeremy Adams

    I guess the hardest part with focusing on those who are not family and friends physically right now is the fact that we are in Ontario and the audience is Nova Scotia. The funny thing is militarily in my day job as an intelligence operator and interrogator, talking to people is really easy.

    My wife and I are about to start using facebook and instagram ads as a way forward so maybe this may make things smoother.

    Thanks for the input Erin.


    Jeremy, I think reaching 600 people per post in your first month in is beyond amazing. Good job!

    Eric McInnis

    100%, you are doing the steps Jeremy. Keep it up, 600 people is great for a first month. Slow and steady wins the race. I also don’t think there is a right or wrong way to market, I see so many different ways to advertise these days, from putting signs on taxis, to ad-cards distributed with food by Door Dash. Your influencers will certainly do you well I imagine, too. Keep it up!

    Judy Evans


    I am reflecting on my own clothing purchases and realizing how most of my purchases involve touching the fabric. We have all purchased clothing that after 1 wash it no longer looks, feels or fits like it did when new.

    Can you enhance the descsription of the fabrics to create a feeling of touching it and providing a strong sense of quality?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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