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    Ryan Flavelle

    Hello my name is Ryan, I live in Sylvan Lake AB with my wife and three kids. All of whom are awesome.

    I was in the signals reserve for fourteen years. During that time I did one operational deployment to Kandahar with B Coy 2PPCLI.
    While in the reserves I finished three university degrees in history, specifically Canadian military history. I have a BA and a Masters from the UofC and a PhD from Western in London, Ontario. I published a memoir of my time in Afghanistan and have published a number of articles in academic journals in my field. None of which pays particularly well.
    I don’t really know if I still want to do military history, I’ve been casting around trying to find work since my wife went off on maternity leave and have not been successful.

    During Covid I started to grow my own food inside by buying a tower garden and later designing and building my own model.

    My plan for my business is to open a shop that grows food for sale and also sells home hydroponic gardens made out of Alberta pvc pipe.
    I have another plan for a business as well, and that is to run a landscape company that installs gardens.
    I’ve done army stuff academically and in real life for a long time and now I am looking to move into a new area. I have no experience whatsoever with entrepreneurial activity other then selling burnt CDs in high school.
    But I really think that there is a growing market for helping people grow their own food. I know that I could build it, and Sylvan is ideally situated as Alberta’s Kelowna, everyone comes to town at some point. It is just pipe, water fertilizer and seed.

    I doubt that I would actually accomplish this goal without the structure of this course so my two questions are:
    How does one motivate oneself to get going and put in the work? How fast should I be moving on this?

    Judy Evans


    As the president of the High River Garden Society, I see the growing interest in people growing their own food. I would suggest that through this course, you create a business model canvas for each of your ideas. This will help to examine the potential of each idea and how the ideas could intersect.

    My business allows me to generate revenue in several ways which provides me with a good business that I never get bored with.

    Your question about ‘how fast’. You have the option – create one business model canvas to present in 5 weeks or create more than 1 to present – its your choice.


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