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    Glen Morrison

    I feel everyone wants to feel safe and secure (at work, home and in between). I feel that everyone wants to make sure their family is safe a secure when they are apart – for work or travel. I believe everyone needs the awareness and tools/techniques to secure their family, belongings and information. I believe awareness and knowledge is empowering – builds strength and courage – to build safe and secure communities. It starts with a home/business – expands to the community/block and flows outward.

    People are worried about the increase in crime – the violence in crime – rural crime – it is my vision to stop focussing on crime and focus on family and community – focus on securing what is yours(family) and then what is theirs (neighbours, friends ) – change the mindset. Delivering value – through empowering customers through safety and security – being a champion of their own security through awareness, training, tools (advice) and education. Knowing that a $1000 lock will not stop a thief if you leave the door open. Achieving the why – again not focussing on reducing or eliminating crime but focus on empowering home / business owners to be the champion of their safety and security – realization that safe and secure areas/communities increases traffic, value….

    I feel my business will travel down the following lanes:

    Changing our mindset – focus on family, friends and neighbours, creating over lapping layers of security through education, awareness and empowerment.
    Education – security surveys to identify risks/vulnerabilities; lectures; lectures to educational institutions, government programs, teaching
    Awareness – changing the paradigm – change the mindset from anti-crime to empowerment / champion of your own safety – through risk assessments, \physical security tools/tips,
    Empowerment – public speaking, policy development and review, community development

    I believe this aligns well with my customers why – which I feel is rather intuitive: Build self empowerment to instill security awareness as a mindset – to change our mindset from worrying about crime but to spin the mind set on its head – do not even mention crime – as it will attract crime – mention safety / security / resilience / community and it will attract a safe and secure community/business

    Safety – be the champion of your own destiny – Security “in the word security – U R IT!
    Family – providing a safe and secure home, a safe a secure family who can transit from home to work – shopping – to recreation – safely and securely
    Community – defense in depth – eyes and ears on the street, looking out for one another, safe and secure community
    Resilience – I’ve got this attitude, if something does happen, there is enough redundancy in place to not impact operations, will not be flight or freeze response – prepared and ready
    Relationships – are key foundation and empowering individuals and those close – in relation and space – neighbours

    As the subject matter expert in security – my business fills the knowledge gap that exists to achieve empowerment and resilience. With awareness and knowledge – the mindset will shift

    No matter your station in life, we need to feel safe and secure in our own environment – from the home to work and all avenues in between. Applying skills and tools form the tool belt (knowledge, awareness and confidence) will allow customers to be aware of their surroundings intuitively and be the champion of their safety and security

    Judy Evans


    Being a rural resident, your strategies and positive focus resonate with me.

    I am involved in a project to help neighbours become more aware of how to support each other in times of disasters. Watching out for each other was a common process in my younger years, sadly our society has gotten away from looking out for each other.

    I live in High River where 95% of our community flooded in 2013. It was an interesting study in human behaviours and still is. Many believe that it is someone else’s responsibilty to protect them and their homes and not their individual responsibility. I am still scratching my head on that.

    Glen, how will you monetize your changing of mindsets?


    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Glen, I love this reframe. I am a community developer and firmly believe that connection is the antidote to disorder. For example, when I’m working with a business district which has high vacancies, we see a strong correlation to social disorder in the area. The first thing we do is to find creative ways to ‘animate’ the space. Give it life. Have people connect in the space. The same is likely true in rural communities. If neighbours aren’t connected, how do you overcome crime? Our society has drifted away from connection to a more individualistic one. We are more isolated than ever.

    Ryan Flavelle

    Hey Glen,
    I’m not really seeing how you plan to actualize your obvious expertise in security matters. Like are we talking about self defence courses? Security systems? Would you be selling people the infrastructure? How would public speaking work? I myself am super concerned with security on the daily, but I don’t see what exactly you would be marketing to me. Would you look to partner with law enforcement in some capacity? Do you have a model of business you would like to emulate?

    Sorry to be brusque, but those are some of the questions that jump to mind when I read your post.

    For what it’s worth,


    Ryan Flavelle

    I should add that there is some triggering stuff that Grossman says, which is pretty par for the course for him, but he has made a good living doing security books and training. I saw him speak before I deployed to Afghanistan in 2008.

    Judy Evans

    Good questions, clarity is so essential in marketing to ensure that the customer is clear on the products or services being offered so the mental link can take place.

    It is very important to gain other’s perspectives of our messaging to make sure we are clear. It is very easy to assume that others know what we know and see what we see.


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