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    Brook Vivian

    First off I’m thrilled to read through some of the posts and see some of the conviction and passion come through the text. I’m sure people are going to get things going in the right direction with these readings/guidance and as someone that’s also searching for more knowledge and growth I’m thrilled to see others pursuing the same.

    My expertise is financial matters and probably a bit more focused around money habits and goal setting.

    When I was young I grew up in a family where we didn’t have enough money for basic needs at times and I could never figure out exactly why. From age 9 I had an after school job (which I held for 10 years before moving away to university). Sometimes I had to contribute to the ‘family fund’ for milk, cereal, and even electricity. My dad was the income earner and my mom stayed home. He controlled the money and it didn’t always make it home on pay day. My mom taught me a lot of good basic money habits and I started to figure out the differences between needs and wants. I worked hard, stored away for the future but was also able to help out and be generous with my money. There was always someone that needed money more than I did and knowing I had the ability to earn it when maybe they didn’t I felt it was important to help.

    One man is only so much …After putting myself through university (when I joined the military), I’m now working in an area that I can pass on my knowledge of money matters and I am able to do so in many capacities. Some people want someone to help them implement process/products to reach their goals, some want advice and expertise in guiding their own actions with money management and still others want someone that will alleviate the burden of navigating the day to day of financial matters. Goal – pass knowledge on to other future advisors and multiply the efforts.

    I get such joy in helping people in the areas of finance and be able to off-load some of the crap that comes with the fine print by simplifying and clarifying things into digestible concepts which frees people up to take action and be organized and have confidence in the things they’re doing.

    I’ve tried the route of working for others in the financial world and also even been independent under certain banners but now I am completely on my own. As it turns out there are a lot of bad characters in the financial world that want to take advantage of you and profit unfairly off of your skills. It’s no wonder individuals are cautious when being vulnerable with financial topics.

    I want to reach more individuals to be able to offer my services.

    I want to find like minded individuals across Canada/US that want to serve others in the area of financial advising. I want to be able to impart my wisdom, share my experience and help build up the people that want to build up the many.

    My values of service, integrity, honesty, openness, fairness, reliability and dependability are just a few that align with those I would want in a financial advisor (or any advisor). Placing the needs of the clients above my own has always been at the core of being someone clients can have confidence in when introducing me to their family members for similar service.

    Finding the client’s why is a good question. I’m often bewildered by a lot of the advice they accept and how they are taken advantage of so easily with a bank or self-serving advisor. What do you guys think? Any tips?

    More soon 🙂
    Keep up the great work everyone!

    Judy Evans


    Let me share a story that may help your strategies.

    I have been coaching and training entrepreneurs for many years. In the beginning, I was not comfortable with my own personal and business financial management, but the more I shared the stronger my own skills became.

    Here is what I have learned from my business clients/students:

    1. If they are not comfortable with their financial management, they will do anything to avoid the topic or conversation.
    2. People will manage their business money exactly the same way they manage their personal money. (When I say that in a classroom of new entrepreneurs, the look of terror appears on about 60% of the classes faces).
    3. People need to learn to manage their personal money before they can learn to manage their business money.

    Thoughts on how you can support this mess with our skills and business?


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