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    Eric McInnis

    I’m going to be completely vulnerable here. I’m afraid this section seems beyond me right now. I have been through the identifying my customer base, and I’ve been stuck on the prototyping part now. I know that I don’t have the resources necessary for designing my energy storage unit, and a while back I discovered a firm of engineers and specialists who are in the business of designing and inventing products for people like me who don’t have the smarts of the know-how. The problem is they are expensive. I’ve even been trying to sell my beloved sports car as a sacrifice to make some startup cash, but haven’t had any luck yet in this current market. I also know that Judy and Erin have brought other avenues to my attention such as the government program IRAP, or partnering with a University. For some reason, I get the feeling I may be in over my head sometimes. I have my one-on-one with our educators soon, and will be talking their ears off with questions, I apologize to them in advance.

    My current feelings are that without a concrete MVP to show anyone, I don’t think I have anything to “put out there”. I don’t really know what the ultimate functionality of it will be, how many kilowatts it will store, how efficient it will be, it’s size. But I do have faith that it will work in one way shape or form.


    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Eric, It’s totally understandable that this would feel daunting. When we have entrepreneurs who are ‘inventing’ something, the process takes way longer. This is usually because the R&D is the hardest part, requiring brand new relationships that are extraordinarily difficult to cultivate. You’re going to hear a lot more ‘no’s’ than our other entrepreneurs. Does that mean it’s not worth it? Hell no! But it does require a certain unwavering faith in yourself, tenacity, and resilience. Have you heard of this company before? I’m attending an event this business owner will be at in July ~ hopefully I can make a connection with them and get you another person to talk to about how they got their product designed. ~Erin.

    Judy Evans


    Often mapping out the path forward can remove the stresses and fears. This also involves defining what you see is possible in a defined timeline, i.e. the next 6 months or year. How would you measure success in moving your idea forward? What I am saying, is that we need to focus and put in place the tools to stay motivated.

    If you weren’t hesitant, I would be concerned. Hesitation can be very healthy and strategic.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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