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    Louise Leslie

    1. I’m Louise Leslie and I live in Two Islands NS. My husband and I built our retirement home on the northern shore of the Minas Basin – an inlet of the Bay of Fundy – where I can watch the lowest tides in the world (literally). The closest town, 15 km away, is Parrsboro with about 1200 people (there are no traffic lights but it has a Tim Hortons!); Halifax is about a 2hr drive.
    2. I joined the Reserves when I was 16, transferred to the Reg F in my 40’s, serving just over 42 years when I retired in 2019 (do the math… I’m not that young anymore). When I retired I was the only one in the Health Services with a CD3, but not that anyone cared or fussed over it… I guess I wasn’t well connected enough.
    3. I started GeoLearns in Oct 2020 https://geolearns.com/. I create educational resources (guides and kits) to help teachers teach geology by learning in the outdoors and offer services – mostly teacher workshops.
    4. I want to expand to include a B2B model. I have existed on some very generous grants from the provincial government – but this (I’m guessing) will not be sustainable so I need to generate revenue to demonstrate to CRA that GeoLearns isn’t just a hobby! My idea is to collaborate with companies that offer geology-related tours/or outdoor tours (in general) to create guides and activities to do while on the tour. I want to sell an experience that involves engagement/activities and learning; and not just spending money to listen to a lecture the whole time.
    5. I had a summer job in the High Arctic, working from camps on Ellesmere, Bathurst and Melville Islands!
    6. a) Will there be any tour operators that will want to work with me to expand their tours?
    b) What do I need to do to convince them?

    Judy Evans


    I look forward to our chat next week and to explore the next steps forward for your business.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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