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    Joel Wood

    Plastics and other harmful products have consumed our lives for centuries now, affecting our health on a global scale. We see the effects of these consumables in our communities, ecosystems and in our own personal health. With every decade humanity develops as a whole, and understands the impacts and devastation this naive mindset has taken on our health and environment.. With advances in technology, education and free speech we have taken the necessary steps forward to improve our lives and the health of our communities.

    As a 38 year young, father of three, I worry about the state of our country and the globe, and the environmental impacts and challenges we’ve placed on ourselves and the generations behind us. One way we have improved our attitudes and outlook is by finding sustainable and renewable materials for our everyday products and home goods with alternatives to these non-biodegradable materials and chemicals.

    I personally also lost my father to ALS, my step-mother battled breast-cancer, lost an uncle to cancer, lost an aunt to cancer, lost a high school friend to cancer, and hundreds of millions more around the world battle illness and disease due to our ignorant approach to our environmental footprint and the consumables we produce.

    Why an eco friendly and sustainable home goods store? Well I have direct and personal invested interests-my kids, my own health and the health of our planet. And, I see an opportunity to promote positive manufacturing practices and promote environmentally conscious mindsets. By offering products that are made from renewable materials, biodegradable or recyclable, we can reduce waste and minimize harm to the environment and our communities.

    From a business perspective, I see a large group of consumers with a similar mindset who don’t want to be part of the problem, but be part of the solution. As a business owner, I am not only pursuing financial success but also trying to be part of the solution and by making a positive impact on the world.

    Erin Melnychuk

    Thank you for sharing your deeply personal connection to your WHY.

    I recently read a study demonstrating the crisis levels microplastics have reached. Through the food we consume, we now also consume the equivalent of 1-2 plastic shopping bags per year! That’s not just gross, but a major contributor to health challenges humans are experiencing.

    I’m not sure how we ever got here. I have my own deeply personal feelings about what I perceive as irresponsible business approaches. I’m glad to see your business aims to do something about it.


    Kody Greene

    Hey Joel,

    I checked out your website and i’m impressed with what you’ve done. I definitely agree we are not in good shape as a global civilization, but take a more nihilistic outlook on the situation. Is there a big market for people looking for sustainable products? And where did you learn more about sustainability? I’m interested in starting a woodworking business and want sustainability to be a cornerstone of my business model.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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