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    Kyle Domes

    I thought the ‘Why’ for my business was to remove the hassle of home cleaning. But now I feel like I need to think deeper and find the real ‘Why’

    I have not given as much thought to my “Why” as I wished I would have. However, I now have the chance to spend some time thinking about what my business’s “Why” is and what my customer’s “Why” is well.

    The Simon Sinek video is eye-opening in regards to the importance of knowing the “why.” My approach up until this point has been the flaw he points out–trying to start with the “what” instead. I feel like I’m in good company, as it sounds like this is a mistake that is all too common for new and experienced marketers. I have seen “Start With Why” recommended before and will add it to my book list.

    I need to think about what my business’s “Why” is. I want Tidybase to be able to provide convenient and reliable cleaning services for the home and short-term rental industry, but I need to focus on the why. Many homeowners don’t have the time or desire to clean their homes themselves. This includes not only general cleaning but also interior services like carpet cleaning and duct cleaning, as well as exterior services like pet waste removal and cleaning windows, gutters and driveways. People often need help cleaning these areas due to a lack of equipment, skill, or time. The cleaning industry typically provides poor quality of service and lacks expected communication standards. People just want to easily book a cleaning service, have their cleaners arrive on time, and complete the job professionally while respecting the privacy of their homes.

    Now I need to boil this down to my businesses ‘Why’. I will be thinking about the questions listed over the next few days


    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Kyle,

    Perhaps another way to come at this, is to consider within all of the competition in this space, why would someone choose you? What makes your services better or different than everything which already exists? This is a crowded space with immense competition. Some folks try to compete on price, but in my humble opinion, that’s a losing race to the bottom for everyone. As you say, there’s lots out there delivering terrible quality, because they are caught in this trap. How else might you position yourself differently? Is there a way in which you deliver your services which builds trust differently? Taps into convenience differently? Uses products better for the planet? These are the spaces which help you innovate on what’s out there.

    Give that some thought and see where it takes you…

    Kyle Domes


    These are great points to consider. I have given a lot of thought to what Tidybases ‘why’ is over the last few days. Actually, I have been so focused on the current operations and future planning side of things over the last few months that I have neglected to think about the business essence itself. I have my old notebook here, which I just pulled out. It is from 2020, as I was still in the planning stage. I can see the 30 or so potential business names I was looking at, the analysis of the market I had done, and a number of other parts of the planning stage. This has also given me some perspective to see what has worked, what has not, and what needs to be done. Reading the early notes combined with the lessons learned along the way, I am going to really try to define the ‘why’ over the next few days/weeks.


    Judy Evans


    To add to the thoughts you and Erin have shared, let me tell you why the lady that cleans my house will not be replaced. She is not the cheapest, by a long shot. She is not the best cleaner that I have had, but:

    1. She pays attention to details to what needs fixing, i.e. the caulking in the shower, and let’s me know what she has observed.
    2. She notices with the vacuum cansister needs to be emptied and does it.
    3. Because I work from home, I am typically here when she is working. She asks me about my schedule while she is here and adjusts her routine to align with my needs, i.e. she works in another area of the house if I have a virtual meeting.
    4. She plays with our dogs, who love her.
    5. She has become a trusted friend who shows us continally that she cares about us and our home.
    6. She is funny and makes us laugh.
    7. We look forward to the days that she is here.

    I hope this helps.


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