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    Kyle Domes


    I have attempted to post this twice now, and it hasn’t been successful. I believe it may be because I added hyperlinks which aren’t allowed in this forum, perhaps. However, I will try again but avoid using hyperlinks to see if it will post.

    I am launching a new service this week, and I was wondering if I could ask for some feedback. Quick summation, my business, Tidybase, is a cleaning company. I intend to have Tidybase service all the major cleaning areas of the home, interior and exterior. I started with residential interior cleaning as it was the lowest cost to enter. As I am growing the business, I am adding the first exterior service, pet waste removal. Not glamourous, but of all the exterior cleaning services I would like to provide, pet waste removal is the lowest cost to begin on the exterior side.

    There is a service-specific landing page I built and a flyer ad. If anyone is interested, I’ll post the links below, trying to avoid getting the message blocked.


    Judy Evans


    I can see your post complete with the hyperlinks.

    For others, here is Mark’s response to Kyle’s website request.


    (I just tried to post this twice, and it would not accept, so email feedback)

    Some thoughts. As I am reviewing something unfamiliar, please disregard any comments that are off-track.

    Home page:
    -Under customer reviews, it appears that Janice and Laura’s reviews are identical. One must be an error.
    -Clean website. Very good.

    Poop page:
    -The first two ‘before and after’ pet waste clean-up picks don’t appear as complete and thorough as the third (which is an effective picture). Could be the time of year of the first two, ‘frozen’ grass clumps, etc., but they didn’t have contrast of before and after I thought I would see
    – I’m a critical thinker and often too picky, so add grains of salt as required. When I saw the circles showing your areas of operation, I noted that each includes areas across the bay from Quinte West and Belleville. If I was to drive within your Quinte West area, west to the edge of the bay (Twelve O’Clock Point), south to the end, and back east on far shore as far as the circle lets me (town of Albu_), I have effectively driven the same distance as to Brighton, which is not within your radius

    Advertisement page:
    -The title “Veteran Business Bootcamp” feels that it needs context. For example, adding the word Promotion to the end will provide a reason why the coupon/advert is there. A quick few sentences on context “in order to use new skills learned during the Veteran Business Bootcamp, we would like to provide this special offer to our customers. I want to thank ______ for the opportunity to learn these skills” or something to that affect. Demonstrating gratitude is rarely a negative thing, I suspect.

    Clearly Judy or Erin will have better, educated feedback to provide, so I offer this as a former staff-officer and detail-oriented dude.

    Again, great webpage. I’m just getting started on mine and I really appreciate the uncluttered and simple layout.


    Kyle Domes


    Thank you so much!

    The Customer reviews you pointed out are bang on. Those have been up for a long time now and are from my first month of operation. I hope to use the services of Nicejob to improve my customer review capturing and automagically sync the latest reviews to my website. I will correct the ones on there now, and wait for NiceJob to be up and running.

    As for the Service Area, you are bang on. I think when I saved the photo, the “circles” didn’t match up with the formatting of the image. This is a great catch, and I have updated the photo.

    The before and after photos are not too amazing, I agree. I need to take some additional shots going forward and update them to have more contrast.

    The Advertisement page is not a real page. It’s hidden and only accessed via the link I posted. I didn’t know any other way to show a photo in this forum, so I made a separate webpage just for the image to display, hence the title of this Bootcamp.

    Final note, did you watch the video on the Poop page, it’s just under the banner?

    Thanks again for the feedback. I have built this website myself in WordPress and I more often than not, have e no idea what I am doing.

    I’m always free to discuss websites.


    Erin Melnychuk

    I think both the website and flyer are great! I love the playful feel on both.

    For the website, I’m wondering if the before and after photos are necessary? I agree that it’s a bit difficult to see the detail you are trying to convey. Also, as a customer, I would just expect it to be spotless anyway. The video might be enough?

    I also noticed your website isn’t secure. This will mean that some people won’t be able to access it. For example, if someone is at work and doing this on their lunch break, the security software the company uses may restrict access. Sometimes your hosting service can do this, sometimes you need to figure out how to do it (there’s youtube videos). I’d suggest looking in to that.

    I love that you’re a living wage leader – thank you for that!


    Kyle Domes


    These are great, thank you! Yes, maybe the photos aren’t perfect, as it is hard to get the right light to show proper before and afters, and as of yet I don’t have many examples.

    As for the website, the live versions are secure. I just typed out the URL myself to try to avoid the post being flagged in this forum, and I didn’t enter the secure URL. That’s my fault. The live Tidybase website and associated pet waste landing page have the SSL certificate.

    Thank you again. I am going to look at the before and after photos again.


    Cheryl Osmond

    Wow…your website and flyer are amazing!!

    Kyle Domes


    Thank you for saying that. The website I built a little over a year ago. I still see all the ways I wish it was better haha. But as a first website design I think it is alright.


    Judy Evans


    I am thinking that testimonials could be more impactful that photos. Especially if the testimonials have a ‘wow’ message.

    Looking forward to your presentation tomorrow.


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