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    Eric McInnis

    I have been a huge fan of renewable energy for as long as I can remember. I grew up with wind farms going up all around us in southern Ontario, and always saw them as amazing for the community and the environment, despite all of the politics and bureaucracy surrounding them. Seeing EVs and lithium batteries coming to market was the next exciting thing, but it always seemed very slow, and had a lot of resistance from people or government, or other industries during the implementation process. I think we still see that a lot even today. The biggest problem is storing the clean energy we produce, lithium is resource heavy, dams take up a lot of room but only fit in certain locations, other methods are dangerous or inefficient. They are all great for the industry, but they all seem to have shortcomings. I then discovered a company called Energy Vault, man they inspired me with what is possible. Long story short, they use GRAVITY to store energy up high with concrete blocks, and use a crane to let the block fall releasing that energy for the grid. They’ve since gathered $110 million dollars in funding from investing firms. That is more than enough inspiration for me.

    When I had my “ah-hah” moment with my idea, and I know I haven’t explained exactly what it is yet, I saw my own version of the Energy Vault. A clean, simple way to store energy using forces of nature rather than needing to mine millions of pounds of dirt to get the elements needed, or rather than washing out the side of a mountain of trees and wildlife. This is my why. I care about our planet, about our environment, and about our future. I don’t want to sit by and hope it happens eventually, I don’t want to trust a big corporation to care more about their profits than the Earth its people either. I believe I have what it takes to make this big, and I intend to do whatever it takes to do it. I intend to bring storage to everyone’s doorstep, or backyard, or garage, or rooftop, really anywhere the resident sees it fit best. This is my business why. We desperately need personal storage, I believe anyone who’s dealt with black-outs and brown-outs would agree. If for nothing else, nobody should have to freeze during an ice storm because power lines came down, or have to eat cold food because there’s no power to cook. I am inspired to share and to help people who rely on having electricity to survive, and eventually bring electricity to those who don’t have it, and I expect it to cost a fraction of what batteries cost!

    Erin Melnychuk

    Personal storage of energy is a really compelling WHY. I bet anyone in the Ottawa/Quebec region this week can 100% agree! As climate catastrophes pick up steam, there will be a stronger motivation by individuals to support personal energy storage. An emotional connection to this WHY is what will make investors and consumers have a magnetic attraction. Your personal story to your own connection is just one small example of this in action. I’ve often thought that the way to bypass the inertia of governments and big corporations is to appeal to individual consumers directly. We have an urgency we need to accept. Governments and large corporations will only be motivated when the economics make sense. If it costs too much or they stand to lose too much profit, they aren’t going to budge. But individuals are impacted all the time by climate crises. They are far more motivated. Appeal to them directly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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