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    Jennifer Ainley

    My enthusiasm for this business is coming at a time when we need it most. With uncertainty showing its impact around the world. Pivoting and finding new platforms to bring us back to our true authentic selves without all the chaos that surrounds us.

    Yoga, connects us to our internal nature. By focusing on the body, breath, and mind, creating a connection within ourselves by inviting nature to awaken and stimulate our sense. The aim is to develop an awareness of our own energy, our breath, our life force which, over time we can come to realize is the same life force within all living beings. That sense of interconnection or oneness is the ultimate goal of yoga, and why the yoga practice is such a perfect complement to spending time outside. The trifecta of yoga includes nature, and mindfulness with the body and mind. Teaching us how to heal ourselves and our world.

    I believe being authentic will draw in clients who resonate with myself, classes and experiences I’ll be offering. Being your true self helps you connect to your true clientele.

    Coming back to why I started this yoga journey and what it gave me. We all have that traumatic event that forces us to make difficult decisions that will serve us best. Finding clients that are like minded and hold the same values. Those that appreciate a safe area with limited attendance to allow personal growth with those who struggle with mental health. When you surround yourself with like-minded people you learn you’re not alone and grow by sharing and listening.

    My strategy will be to not sell my service but to rely on educating and entertaining. Actively listening to clients showing that you’re present by making eye contact, nodding, or even jotting down a note. Asking clarifying questions and sourcing more details that will enable you to solve your clients concerns. Showing clients that you are present and activity invested in them. Showing knowledge of your business’s products/services by informing your clients with what they want to know. When you work at a great place and you believe in what your offering, clients want to share their experience, allowing them to express their positive experience though their social media platforms. The more enthusiasm you show in what you offer creates excitement and courtesy for your business driving your returning and potential clients.

    This is your clients journey; People will stay with a business that treats them like a person, rather than a number. Its important to build a strong relationship with clients to increase loyalty, satisfaction, and retention. Gathering as much info as you can by creating client profiles will strengthen your customer relationships. Clients want to come to a studio that feels like a home away from home with friends that understand and don’t judge.

    My definition of success is to teach a practice that offers an all inclusive experience that serves an underserved population in our cities/communities, to help others suffer less and find their true purpose in this life. Being a health care professional this practice will allow me to grow as a continual student while being creative with my deliver to meet individual needs on clients journey of self discovery.

    Laura Svab

    Hi Jennifer,
    I completely appreciate your intentions and purpose, and think that you have much to offer those in need in your community.
    I was thinking that if it is your desire to serve those struggling specifically with mental health concerns, you could also possibly connect with psychologists or other centers offering counselling services, and leave them your information in the form of pamphlets or business cards to display in their waiting areas or to offer as additional tool. I know you said that you don’t want to sell yourself, but I think it is often difficult for people who are struggling to know what options could be good for them. Also, having specific groups that focus on people going through similar struggles such as PTSD, fertility issues, cancer etc… (as examples) could make it less intimidating or intrusive for those who want to heal but not feel exposed or judged.
    Wishing you all the best!

    Judy Evans


    I am involved in seniors yoga twice a week. The relationships that have developed with the instructor and the other yogis is amazing. I had not considered that working on my physical health would naturally lead me to amazing friendships and support systems.

    I am thinking that you are offering an integrated package of health.

    There are some synergies with your vision and Matt’s.


    Erin Melnychuk


    You’ll hear me often reference the ‘experience economy’ in several posts. We live in a time now, when that’s what customers want to purchase. You are correct in thinking that if you can nail the right experience for your target audience, you will develop loyal customers, who will go on to promote your business to their network too. The experience economy requires more than providing a good service. A helpful reframe might be, if I considered my price to be ‘admission’ and my service to be the ‘entertainment’, how might I be required to show up differently? How would I be required to create something memorable?

    Of course, what you’re offering is so much deeper than entertainment. Your offering a path to overall wellbeing, which isn’t a show. But the metaphor is useful in pushing us to consider the how we want to engage all of the senses of our customers to create something truly memorable.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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