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    Implementation: I have a massive amount of information complied but for the purpose of this discussion I will try to simplify our process. Before beginning our process we need to first identify any programs currently running and bring them on board the Banners4Veterans Association. To begin will be focused on Simcoe County only. Essentially what we need to do is duplicate the program I am currently managing in TAY Township. We will start by recruiting volunteers for these three key positions which will encompass the entire county, 21 township program managers, 1 County Coordinator, 10 provinces and 3 territory officers. Having the provincial and territory offices will be a key component of our expansion. Now even though the TAY program is running smoothly that may not be the case for other townships. Our team is currently working to identify as many situations that may arise with regards to the placement of the banners depending on the regulations of each township. This may seem easy enough and pretty straight forward but recruiting process is extremely time-consuming. It requires an intense screening process coupled with a training portion. We require volunteers with certain skill sets to fill these administrative positions but also require hands-on volunteers to assist with other events so we currently have two volunteer pools. I think the key to keeping really good volunteers is showing appreciation for their time and second, great communication. Because our association is volunteer-based we must ensure that above all else our volunteers are rewarded appropriately for their contribution.

    Erin Melnychuk

    I love your approach. You’ve launched in one market and have worked out many of kinks in the model. Now you’re ready to replicate the model. In these growth models, it’s mission critical to grow organically and not scale too aggressively. Take your model to the next market, implement it there. New challenges will come up you’ll need to figure out. Then move on to the next, the next, and the next. In time, you’ll have encountered most of the challenges you’re likely to and will have your launching process down pat and you can build it out almost like a franchise with everything documented and this becoming a ‘turnkey’ launch in each community you grow into. Over time, you just need to identify the team on the ground in each community and they get the ‘kit’ which walks them through step by step. ~Erin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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