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    Because my nonprofit is focused on commemorating veterans through visual display. At this time I really only have one product, which is the banner itself. With our current online marketing, I don’t forsee sales being an issue. One strategy I did implement to build customer relations was to start each 8-week annual event with an opening ceremony which showcases selected veterans, along with dignitaries and guest speakers which was very received. The first problem I see as we expand to other townships is the placement and possible cost of banner posts for those townships that do not already have permanent posts in place. This will undoubtedly become an issue that will require a close working relationship with township offices and each will need to be dealt with on an individual basis. Another issue will be our ability to not only recruit volunteers with the right skill set and motivation but also our ability to retain them. And finally, the speed at which we expand.

    Erin Melnychuk

    There might actually be win/win… if you can get creative enough on how to solve the problem for them, which also creates opportunities for other community groups to access when your campaign ends. Do you have contacts in other town administrations which you could have exploratory discussions with?

    Judy Evans


    Could you forge partnerships with local organizations to champion the project in their community, i.e. Legion, cadets, etc.

    Geography can be an expensive challenge to overcome and being an outsider in smaller communities can be a barrier to success.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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