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    I started this nonprofit because I want to make an emotional connection between veterans and civilians. I want people to look deep into their hearts and imagine what it’s like for our serving members and those who came before us. People need to understand the sacrifice our veterans have endured, the loss of life, and the heartache that has befallen us for the loss of our fellow comrades. Then imagine what kind of character one must process to place one’s life in harm’s way in the service of others. If I can capture that one single thought through visual display in the minds of all Canadians it will be the beginning of understanding a veteran.

    Erin Melnychuk

    Wow, that really resonated for me! I can see how deep this resides within you. Because a nonprofit essentially has a 2 customer model (funders/donors and the beneficiary), what do you think each customer’s why might be? Why would they care about this in the same way you do? I think we inherently understand, but I’m curious how you would frame it. Getting this language down pat will be critical in your fund development efforts. ~Erin.

    Eric McInnis

    That is a great why, Christine. Empathy goes a long way, and I’m convinced there is always room for more of it in society. Sometimes there is a detachment between us humans, and rekindling that connection is 100% going to guide you in the right direction, I’m sure of it!


    Thank you Eric.

    Hi Erin, I think the customer’s why is going to be close to their heart as well and it will be that compassion that will drive people to participate in these banner programs. Having the opportunity to commemorate a loved one by joining a remembrance activity and sharing their veterans’ stories is exactly the reason people have chosen to participate in the township program I currently manage. I know from doing my interviews that people have actually been waiting for a program such as this so they could have a way to publicly show their gratitude. They want their loved ones remembered, and they want others to know their names and faces. The support for a program such as this is there but you are correct, getting the language down pat will be critical as will the execution of our expansion so I’m really hoping this course can help me to figure that language out. Right now I’m just speaking from my heart which I’m sure is not very business-like.

    Judy Evans


    Your ‘why’ provides a perfect foundation for marketing and messaging. Passion is the most powerful connection between an organization and their customers/stakeholders.

    When I teach and facilitate the development of vision, mission and purpose statements for nonprofit organizations, I often see statements that are inward focused only where a statement that is both inward and outward focused is the most powerful and versitile.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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