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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Christine. I’m married to the greatest fireman on the planet, also retired military and we are blessed to have two amazing girls, both in their early 20s. Our oldest is following in dad’s footsteps and is eager to finish her firefighter course, and our youngest in is film college.
    I did not start a traditional business, instead, I formed a non-profit with other retired members of the military and the RCMP officers. Our mission is to educate young generations by commemorating veterans through visual display.
    Our organization the BANNER4VETERANS Association is federally registered and we will be operating across Canada to implement and standardize more veteran banner programs.
    One interesting fact about me was in grade 4 I showed my 3rd great grandfather’s service medal by my grandfather and he told me the story about how he had served in the war of 1812. Having never heard this story in school, I was not aware the war 1812 was the first conflict that Canada participated in fighting alongside the British against the U.S. but never the less this storey would spark a lifelong interest in military history and what our veterans endured. My grandfather had a way of telling stories that would keep us kids hanging on his every word. Listening to how proud my grandfather was of his grandfather, I knew even at this young age that for me joining the military would be just a matter of time. All through my service years, I knew after retiring I would advocate for our veterans.
    As for questions about this course. OMG, Judy, with years and years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I feel like l just won the lottery. I’m very happy to have found her organization and I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas.
    Now let’s do this!

    Erin Melnychuk

    What a great story Christine! I’m so pleased to meet you on this forum. While it may seem odd to be working a nonprofit organization through a business training program, it’s actually very similar to designing and launching a business. Looking forward to learning more about your vision as we move through the program. ~Erin.

    Judy Evans


    It was a real pleasure to chat with you and to understand your vision. You certainly broadened by view of the local Veteran banners that High River displays during the month of November.

    As Erin has stated, there is a direct correlation between planning a business and planning a nonprofit. The only real difference is the language that we use.


    Eric McInnis

    Great to meet you Christine, it’s fascinating to see your legacy continue through our current history, and that it stems from service 3 ancestral generations ago. It sounds like you have passion and dedication to your NPO and I have a feeling it will take you a long way through this process. Keep it up, can’t wait to hear more about it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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