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    Mark Nasmith

    Kyle, Leslie, Richard (plus any others);

    It’s only 11 days until the first presentation. I would be happy to swap canvas drafts with others to peer review and offer constructive criticism. I am also confident we’ll each find something we had not previously considered.

    For direct comms anytime, my email:

    Last Friday of October. November is next. yayyyy……


    Judy Evans

    What a great idea, Mark!

    It is so easy to miss key concepts and ideas in the development of a business. Additional eyes and minds, can add so many benefits at the start up stage and every stage of business. It’s a complex game!


    Kyle Domes


    I’ll send you a picture of what I have so far. Everything is all on my whiteboard and I haven’t transferred into canvayzer yet. It still might be useful. I spent a lot of time looking up other businesses’ BMC examples. The issue is all the ones which come up are huge corporations, and it would be nice to see other businesses in their infancy displayed on the canvas. I would also love to see how businesses changed their respective canvases as they grew and evolved into their current iterations.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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