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    Artur Galaj

    Hey all, I’m Artur Galaj located in Beachburg Ontario. I am about to retire in May 2022 after 26+ years of service in the CAF. I joined in 1995 as a PRes Infanteer, remustered in 2002 to RMS Clk, went Reg F in 2007, and remustered again to electrician in 2013.

    I started a woodworking business in Mar of 2020 and it was a hobby more than anything, especially since I was still employed on full time bases with the CAF, but now in preparation for civilian life I want to turn my hobby into meaningful fully functional business. As well I want to pay it forward and introduce woodworking to veterans suffering with PTSD and OSI as part of their coping and healing process. I have lost several friends to PTSD.

    My business name is Whitewater Craftsman (,, The name derives from the region I’m in (Whitewater Region) and since i like to work with my hands, like a craftsman, creating variety of of custom, one of a kind items. Designing it from scratch and using machines like a 3D printer, CNC or traditional tools to bring the design to life.

    Q1 – How do I run a business and offer non-for profit program? How do those two concepts work together?

    Q2 – How does a business expend? purchasing of a building, machinery, etc?

    Anthony Bullen

    Hey Artur,

    I have several friends who have found woodworking helpful in coping with PTSD/OSI. That’s a awesome idea you have there to help get others into it. Nice Epoxy work on your FB business site too!


    Laura Svab

    Hi Artur,

    What a great business concept. Custom woodworking pieces are very on trend right now and are timeless really. I have noticed many high end furniture stores offering custom dining tables, benches, bed frames with live edges, which are quite beautiful and very expensive, so there is definitely a market for your work. I also really appreciate and applaud your plan to offer woodworking workshops to veterans with PTSD and OSI. So many of our friends/ fellow Vets are suffering and I am certain that it would bring joy and healing to many.
    If you are interested, I would enjoy partnering with yourself and Anthony to learn more about your business endeavors and to offer one another support as we proceed with this program?



    Erin Melnychuk

    Hi Artur,

    I saw your email and will follow up with you directly to book a time to chat about the nonprofit elements of what you want to do.

    Businesses grow in so many ways, that’s a hard question to answer in a few sentences. Young businesses often think about growing new lines of revenue. Maybe you start with selling custom pieces. Then you might go on to teaching classes. Then you might move into a bigger shop and rent space to other makers. Maybe you start another location. So on, and so forth. Every business grows differently. It’s about taking the next best step and often at each stage you’re at, you have instincts on what the next ones should be. This is called ‘growing organically’.


    Artur Galaj

    Thank you Erin, looking forward working with you and absorb all the knowledge you have to offer.

    Artur Galaj

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I have no issues forming a group with you and Anthony, looking forward working with you guys…. this makes it sound like we’re on Survivor or something… lol

    Judy Evans


    Are you collaborating with other artists for marketing?


    Artur Galaj

    Started a group with Laura and Anthony… Others are also welcome

    Neil Burrell


    I’m very interested in what you learn on the not-for-profit piece for a small business. I’ve found that there may be a mindfulness component to paddling, or drifting a canoe along a shoreline, that I’d like to invite others to share. Peace of mind is priceless. Your questions might give me/us some guidance on such an offerring.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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