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    First off, I want to apologize for falling behind on the course, I took on a Security Licensing course at the same time (an integral part of the business) that I had to wrap up, so here I am playing catch up!

    Anyways – My Why…

    My Why:
    In two words, Helping People. Ever since I started working I have always been driven by the ideals of serving others and helping people. Even when joining the military, it was out of a sense of wanting to contribute to the overall safety and security of my country and fellow citizens.
    My why has developed out of seeing a need in my local community with no one else stepping forward to fill it. My day job, working in community development at the city has given me insight into some of the big problems that local residents are struggling with. Currently, our small City is undergone a huge crime wave particularly in the area of property crime, theft and vandalism. Businesses are being broken into at night, vandals are destroying community infrastructure and vehicular theft is rampant. While the government handles public safety at the macro level, and is pressed for resources at the capacity and scale the city has been growing, I would like to supplement their services by providing a local security service that acts as eyes and ears for the community, protecting property and hopefully, discouraging harm just by their mere presence to begin with. Resources such as the local peace officers and RCMP detachment are already stretched, and short of vigilantism (which would cause more problems than not) there are not many other affordable options for small business owners to help protect their assets.
    I also want to provide the opportunity to employ local people who are struggling to find work, as well as provide training incentives to help them build and develop themselves through their employment as well. I was fortunate enough to go to university myself, and have learned the value of being able to continually learn and train on the job, and have also seen fellow veterans struggle with finding employment after their military service as well, so helping people through my company both as customers and employees in a balanced eco system WHILE being able to support other business would be the perfect win-win-win scenario!
    My Customers Why:
    Why should my customers pick me?
    In one word, community. Being a face and a name that has a local reputation, rather than a big corporate institution that sees their customers in a strictly financial sense but is not worried about their wellbeing on a personal level. I have partnered with big private security firms in other capacities in the past, and they often have a shallower recruiting standard or parachute in people who do not have a vested interest in the wellbeing of their customers – they work for a big, faceless company to protect a big faceless company. Often this lack of personal interest and lack of development opportunity leads to unengaged, uninterested, and inattentive employees who are just casing cheques rather than providing quality service where the outcome matter.

    Erin Melnychuk

    Excellent work Christian. You have connected the dots very well, between why you want to do this and why your customers will care. I’m curious, have you begun to socialize this concept with residents in the community? What kind of feedback/response are you getting?

    Judy Evans


    As I read your why – my mind is repeating the word ‘trust’ which is the foundation of all business relationships. You nailed it!



    Yes though admittedly it has been somewhat challenging as I work with a lot of my potential customers in another capacity as a public interest so I have to be careful about things like conflict of interest. So far it has been fairly positive, cost seems to be the biggest obstacle for most smaller enterprises. Big security firms have to cover lots of overhead so while I start to work out a pricing structure Ill have to make sure that I can make enough to survive, rates are competitive, but also affordable.

    Judy Evans


    Have you defined what ‘making enough’ means? If so, great! If not, start with a personal budget and define how much money your business needs to pay you, after all the other business bills are paid.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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