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Louise Leslie

Erin and Judy, thank you for your comments. If I could go the nonprofit direction, I would; but when I looked into it there were so many constraints with respect to governance. The requirement to have a board of at least 5 people was the show stopper for me. The grant I have relied on to run my teachers’ workshops is only for nonprofit organizations. So the way I got around this was to set up a MOU of sorts with a nonprofit to receive the grant and then I then invoice the nonprofit organization to pay for my services/products. It seems like a very backwards way to do business, but at least now I have an arrangement to work through this – which, by the way, is a first for this nonprofit organization.
I’m leading a field trip next week for some college students and so I reached out to this same nonprofit to support my expenses since they have a grant for outreach that doesn’t require me to be nonprofit. Again, this was another first for them – since they have only supported academics and government employees! They vaguely stated that this was a one-time offer, but I don’t see how they cannot support me again if I meet the criteria – that’ll be another conversation for later. I like being a trail blazer! It’s my personal WHY that keeps me pushing the envelope.
I’ll be in touch again when I’m back from my overseas RnR!! Happy St Patties Day.


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