Reply To: One Day at a Time

Erin Melnychuk

I love this Corey. I’m constantly amazed when people think all they need is a good business plan and then expect everything will magically fall into place. Entrepreneurship is about trying, failing, learning, and adapting. Failing forward, is what I call it. Your lived experience and your willingness to share openly and deeply is why people will want to work with you. In your type of work, you should have a disproportionate amount of your business come through word of mouth. I’m thinking it should be somewhere around 80-90%. The good news, is that it means you won’t have to market as hard. The challenging part though, is you need to will need to do some things better than other types of businesses. 1) how will you thank/reward those who are helping you grow your business through referrals? 2) How are you measuring your impact and how are telling the story of your results through your communication channels?

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