Reply To: Feedback Request

Kyle Domes


Thank you so much!

The Customer reviews you pointed out are bang on. Those have been up for a long time now and are from my first month of operation. I hope to use the services of Nicejob to improve my customer review capturing and automagically sync the latest reviews to my website. I will correct the ones on there now, and wait for NiceJob to be up and running.

As for the Service Area, you are bang on. I think when I saved the photo, the “circles” didn’t match up with the formatting of the image. This is a great catch, and I have updated the photo.

The before and after photos are not too amazing, I agree. I need to take some additional shots going forward and update them to have more contrast.

The Advertisement page is not a real page. It’s hidden and only accessed via the link I posted. I didn’t know any other way to show a photo in this forum, so I made a separate webpage just for the image to display, hence the title of this Bootcamp.

Final note, did you watch the video on the Poop page, it’s just under the banner?

Thanks again for the feedback. I have built this website myself in WordPress and I more often than not, have e no idea what I am doing.

I’m always free to discuss websites.


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