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Judy Evans


I can see your post complete with the hyperlinks.

For others, here is Mark’s response to Kyle’s website request.


(I just tried to post this twice, and it would not accept, so email feedback)

Some thoughts. As I am reviewing something unfamiliar, please disregard any comments that are off-track.

Home page:
-Under customer reviews, it appears that Janice and Laura’s reviews are identical. One must be an error.
-Clean website. Very good.

Poop page:
-The first two ‘before and after’ pet waste clean-up picks don’t appear as complete and thorough as the third (which is an effective picture). Could be the time of year of the first two, ‘frozen’ grass clumps, etc., but they didn’t have contrast of before and after I thought I would see
– I’m a critical thinker and often too picky, so add grains of salt as required. When I saw the circles showing your areas of operation, I noted that each includes areas across the bay from Quinte West and Belleville. If I was to drive within your Quinte West area, west to the edge of the bay (Twelve O’Clock Point), south to the end, and back east on far shore as far as the circle lets me (town of Albu_), I have effectively driven the same distance as to Brighton, which is not within your radius

Advertisement page:
-The title “Veteran Business Bootcamp” feels that it needs context. For example, adding the word Promotion to the end will provide a reason why the coupon/advert is there. A quick few sentences on context “in order to use new skills learned during the Veteran Business Bootcamp, we would like to provide this special offer to our customers. I want to thank ______ for the opportunity to learn these skills” or something to that affect. Demonstrating gratitude is rarely a negative thing, I suspect.

Clearly Judy or Erin will have better, educated feedback to provide, so I offer this as a former staff-officer and detail-oriented dude.

Again, great webpage. I’m just getting started on mine and I really appreciate the uncluttered and simple layout.


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