Reply To: My Canvas Has Taken Shape

Kyle Domes


I think I will keep the Business Model Canvas on my whiteboard. Post-it notes allow me to look at the whole business, including in-place pieces and future objectives. I have been reading more about the concept from the Strategyzer page, and I would like to really commit to constantly reviewing my current canvas and adapting or modifying it as needed. I find a lot of the pieces of my business are digital by design, and the large BMC on my whiteboard is a visual representation, which I find very useful.

My main challenge is still taking each item and going through all the required steps to completion, and then moving on to the next one. I struggle with time estimation, where I overestimate how much I can accomplish in a day. I am really good at mapping out what needs to be done and the pieces needed to accomplish the project. But the organization and structured work required to complete them is my biggest weakness.


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