Reply To: My Canvas Has Taken Shape

Erin Melnychuk

I love this so much! I hope you will always maintain this board. Businesses are always in a constant state of evolution. Where am I now, where am I trying to get to, how will I get there? This is why I love the canvas so much! A business plan, while super useful in communicating the details of your business to outside audiences, is not an effective real time planning tool.

For the areas which still need work, get the basics on the board now. Start developing “stories”. If you split the canvas down the middle, what story emerges when you connect the dots between the boxes on the right hand side? What happens when you do the same on the left hand side? What questions emerge from those stories? This could be an interesting way to challenge yourself to sink in deeper into those boxes.

For the value proposition, perhaps it might be useful to start conducting some discovery interviews with other people? When you let them in on the story of your business, their insights might help shape an interesting value proposition. This is a way to begin ‘validating’ your business model with others.

You’re doing great, this post gets me excited.

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