Reply To: 64 Quick Points to Consider

Mark Nasmith


Part 1

I know my answers are long, but I really appreciate that your questions to make me think, and rethink, assumptions and plans that will impact my business.


Regarding my products/services, I have three general target markets. First, traditional small business of many kinds. Second, organizations (e.g., St Johns Ambulance, Scouting, summer-camps). Third, associations (e.g., rural/remote housing or cottage associations, hunting camps, lodges). Clearly there is much gray between the them.

My products and services centre on business emergency and continuity planning, crisis communications, and strategic emergency management planning. I also offer hourly rates for remote or in-person work on a more specialized basis.

Think of the target market along the horizontal axis, and products/services along the vertical, to form a matrix. In that matrix I can check-off certain products that are more likely to be attractive to certain markets, and approach/emphasize my marketing accordingly. Of course, everything depends on the customer and their requirements; their business/geographic situation, concerns, hazards, budget, employees, etc. I can foresee scenarios that find all products applicable to all markets. Ultimately, it is up to me to offer the best fit for the customer’s requirements.

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