Reply To: 64 Quick Points to Consider

Judy Evans


Your entry posted perfectly, this time. Now to sort out what was happening when you tried before. I will check with the tech team to see if there are some limits (word count, character count) for these forum blocks.

You have defined your business perfectly and your sources of information are excellent. I love the BDC tip sheets, they are packed with excellent information for start-up, existing and growing businesses.

When it comes to time management, with many of us working from a home location, it can be hard to go to work and just as hard to go home from work. Here are some tips to consider:

1. break the day into 3 components – morning, afternoon and evening. Work 2 of those blocks only. Or work 3 blocks on a few days, and take one full day off.
2. ensure that there is lots of sunlight in your workspace as a lack of sunlight stops of us from going to work.
3. consider ergonomics in your work areas.

How will you group your products/services on your website and in your marketing process?


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