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Erin Melnychuk

Judy, I love this question. I see businesses still to this day only just getting around to flood mitigation work… and that was almost a decade ago! As I see it, businesses view this work as an unnecessary expense. Or maybe a better to say that is that they view the investment as too significant when they hope it’s a once every hundred years occurrence. To me, this suggests two things, 1) businesses have not yet accepted we are experiencing significant climate change and the frequency of these events is only going to increase, 2) they haven’t wrapped their heads around a small investment in planning now, can save them significantly when the time comes.

Mark, the hardest part about this industry is finding the delicate balance of demonstrating the case for change by investing in this type of planning, without leaning too hard on marketing through fear – people don’t respond to that. The overwhelm is real and causes people to retreat and build false narratives that provide false comfort (ie: what are the chances of that happening again?.

I look forward to seeing how you work through this challenge, Mark.

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