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Judy Evans


To add to the thoughts you and Erin have shared, let me tell you why the lady that cleans my house will not be replaced. She is not the cheapest, by a long shot. She is not the best cleaner that I have had, but:

1. She pays attention to details to what needs fixing, i.e. the caulking in the shower, and let’s me know what she has observed.
2. She notices with the vacuum cansister needs to be emptied and does it.
3. Because I work from home, I am typically here when she is working. She asks me about my schedule while she is here and adjusts her routine to align with my needs, i.e. she works in another area of the house if I have a virtual meeting.
4. She plays with our dogs, who love her.
5. She has become a trusted friend who shows us continally that she cares about us and our home.
6. She is funny and makes us laugh.
7. We look forward to the days that she is here.

I hope this helps.


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