Reply To: Potential customers


I have done two large trade shows in the last three weeks which gave me the opportunity to interview many prospective customers.

I asked them what they were looking for ad for the most part, it was gifts they were buying and it was in the $30 – $50 price range. June is for Dads, Grads, and weddings, so that is what they were shopping for. Of interest, is that although I specialize in cutting boards and charcuterie trays, I sold more crib boards and BBQ scrapers because people were buying for Father’s Day. The cutting boards were gifts for friends and family and weddings. There were a few personal use, but the majority were gifts. The feedback from my retailers is similar – the artisan cutting boards are more of a Christmas item.

Based on that feedback, I booked myself into several trade shows in November/December where the organizers promote to my target market.

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