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Kevin Wade

Hi Eric, thanks for your question. I think other groups are feeling around the edges of this issue, but are less able to see the whole picture because they work outside of healthcare. I think I bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the area, with a prior background in tech (undergrad in computer science and worked as a programmer in Vancouver, then leadership skills developed in the infantry and field ambulance, and then a task-focused medical mindset cultivated in medical school and practice. This has served me well so far, and I think will transfer well to business. My challenge is to make the jump to a risk-taking/disruption (ie tech entrepreneurship) from a risk-averse(ie medical, military) mindset.

I would say the primary insight I want to bring to the table is the value of autonomy both for patients and care providers. Starting from the principle of autonomy, it becomes apparent that patients should have greater control over where they receive care and who they receive it from, while care providers should have greater control over their workloads, schedules, and the patients they see. This is the value of an app platform – it is a marketplace to match buyers (patients) and sellers(care providers) at a price they agree on. In this way, it works something like Airbnb or Uber by matching these two groups.

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